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Watson's house is a building found below the maple tree near Hosidius. This building is home to Watson, an NPC that plays a role in master clue scrolls.

Location on World Map
Shayzien Watson's house Forthos Ruin
Woodcutting guild

Noteworthy features[edit | edit source]

Ground floor[edit | edit source]

First floor[edit | edit source]

  • Strange casket - Players must speak to it in order to enable the chance of a reward casket turning into the Mimic. If players have a Mimic in their inventory, they can bring it to the strange casket to fight The Mimic.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 May 2019

Watson's house was renovated with Hosidius's rework.

17 November 2016

Watson's house gained an increase of size to make up for the removal of his neighbour's house during a rework to Kourend.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This house was first unoccupied upon the release of Great Kourend, with no noticeable features, and was only known as Watson's house when Watson later moved into this house with the release of the Treasure Trail Expansion Update.
  • Just south of the house is one of the few toilets in Gielinor. Attempting to open the locked door will result in the player remarking I'm sure this door is locked for a reason. I'll leave it be.