Weapon poison(++)

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Weapon poison(++)
Weapon poison(++).png
Released11 July 2005 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineA vial of super strong weapon poison, for spears and daggers.
Value432 coins
High alch259 coins
Low alch172 coins
Weight0.035 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange3,430 coins (info)
Buy limit2,000
Daily volume14,665
Advanced data
Item ID5940
Weapon poison(++) detail.png

Weapon poison(++), also known as super weapon poison, is made at 82 Herblore by mixing cave nightshade and poison ivy berries in a vial of coconut milk, giving 190 Herblore experience. It is the strongest weapon poison in Old School RuneScape.

Melee attacks apply poison at 25% chance, where Ranged attacks apply poison at 12.5% chance. Weapon poison(++) deals 6 damage (4 damage with ranged weapons) every 18 seconds. If it is not reapplied to the target, the poison deals 1 less damage every 5 hits until the target is no longer poisoned. Ranged weapons with Weapon poison(++) applied, however, will only hit 4 once before starting to hit 3s. For melee weapons this means a total of 105 damage will be dealt from the poison, whilst for range weapons this will only be 34.

A single vial of weapon poison can poison only 5 bolts, javelins, darts, throwing knives, and arrows. This makes poisoning a substantial amount of ammo quite costly.

Weapon poison can be removed from a weapon with a cleaning cloth.

Total Poison damage[edit | edit source]

Total Poison damage (Melee: DM and Ranged: DR) is calculated by the sum of all numbers (n) up to the max hit (M), times the amount of hits per number (H=5).

In conclusion: To defeat something with only poison, melee provides just over triple the amount of poison damage compared to ranged poison damage and additionally has double the chance to be applied (1/4 vs 1/8).

Creation[edit | edit source]

Herblore Herblore82 (b)190
Member icon.png
Ticks2 (1.2s)
Weapon poison++ (unf).pngWeapon poison++ (unf)1N/A
Poison ivy berries.pngPoison ivy berries156
Total Cost56
Weapon poison(++).pngWeapon poison(++)13,430

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Chaos Elemental305 Multicombat.png110/128
Kalphite Queen333 Multicombat.png(noted)5/128
Sarachnis318 Multicombat.png4–6 (noted)2/100
Scorpia225 Multicombat.png14/128

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
3 July 2007

The item's value was increased from 14 to 432.

22 August 2006

The item was renamed from "Weapon poison(s)" to "Weapon poison(++)".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The use of the suffixes (+) and (++) to denote increasing strength is unique to weapon poison, antipoison, and anti-venom, as well as the Chambers of Xeric-exclusive Overload (+). Other potions use the prefix "super" to denote an increase in strength.