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Released6 September 2018 (Update)
Also calledThe North
LocationTroll Country
InhabitantsIce trolls
TeleportsIcy basalt
The banner of Weiss.
Location on World Map
Northern Sea
Northern Sea Weiss Frozen Waste Plateau
Ice Path

Weiss is an ice troll settlement located in the north. Many years ago, a rogue tribe of ice trolls, led by Mother, attempted to invade the Keldagrim Mines. With vital support of the then-young Wise Old Man, the Black Guard managed to drive away Mother and his tribe of ice trolls, forcing them to flee northwards. Now, the tribe lives in Weiss, still holding a grudge against their mortal enemy, the Wise Old Man.

During the quest Making Friends with My Arm, the player and My Arm attempt to establish trade with the Weiss trolls, after Mother sent Wolfbone to the Troll Stronghold. During this trip, My Arm falls in love with Snowflake, the daughter of the tribe's leader, Mother. In an attempt to impress him, a plan is devised to have the Wise Old Man "dead" before Mother via the use of a cadava potion. However, he sees through the trick and plans to execute the player, the Wise Old Man, My Arm and Snowflake. The group puts up a fight and successfully kills Mother. Snowflake then takes over as the leader of the Weiss trolls, with no opposition as the trolls all agree she is nicer than Mother. The town also features heavily in the Secrets of the North quest, where it is revealed by Hazeel that Weiss is the long-forgotten site of the Mahjarrat rejuvenation ritual.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Weiss can be reached via three ways:

The quest Making Friends with My Arm must be partially completed to access Weiss.

Features[edit | edit source]

Salt Mine[edit | edit source]

The salt mine is found under Snowflake and My Arm's hut, where players can mine various salt, which can be used to create fire pits and basalt teleports.

While efh, te and urt salt are stackable, basalt is not; players can return upstairs and speak to Snowflake to have them converted into bank notes.

There is an iron pickaxe spawn in the mine next to the salt rocks.

Herb patch[edit | edit source]

There is also a disease-free herb patch much like the one on the Troll Stronghold roof.

In order to make use of it, players must first build a fire of nourishment, requiring 2 mahogany planks, 2 steel bars, 100 efh salt, 50 te salt and 150 urt salt. A hammer, saw and tinderbox are required as well.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Weiss" (or "weiß") is German for white.
  • Weiss was a suggestion from an Old School RuneScape player in 2016. Mod Ash announced at RuneFest 2016 to work on a troll quest, which would take place in Weiss (referred to as "the ugly black square above the Ice Path").
  • There are several inaccessible locations found around Weiss, which can be viewed if players have an oculus orb.