Well (Paladin badges)

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A well is located deep within the Underground Pass. The well plays a part in the Underground Pass quest, where the player must sacrifice three Paladin's badges and a unicorn horn to the well before being allowed access to the final chamber of the dungeon.

After the completion of the quest players can return here to fully recharge their Iban's staff or the upgraded version free of charge, instead of paying the Dark Mage in West Ardougne.

The well can be reached most conveniently by entering the Underground Pass from the entrance in Tirannwn, which require a certain amount of progress in the Regicide quest, and use the Well of Voyage to reach Iban's Temple and then head across the pathways for the door in the north-eastern corner of the room, which leads to the well. Alternatively if the player has completed Mourning's End Part II the well can be reached by using the Abyss to reach the Death Altar, then enter the Underground Pass through the secret passage in the Temple of Light, then use any of the staircases to reach the upper floor of the Underground Pass and head for the door in the north-eastern corner.

While I sense the beating of a
good heart I will not open.
Feed me three crests of the blessed
and the creature's remains,
throw them to me as an offering...
a gift of hatred, a token.
Then finally rejoice as all goodness
dies in my flames.

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