Well (Paterdomus)

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Well (Paterdomus).png
Released29 June 2004 (Update)
QuestPriest in Peril
LocationUnder Paterdomus
ExamineAn ornately carved well that draws water from the river Salve.
Advanced data
Object ID3485

This well is used in a number of the Morytania quests such as Priest in Peril and In Aid of the Myreque. In the Priest in Peril quest you first obtain Murky water from the well for Drezel to bless in order to free him. Later in the quest you will give Drezel either Rune essence or Pure essence in order for him to bless the well and return the holiness of Saradomin to the river Salve.

In the In Aid of the Myreque quest you make the Rod of ivandis and it needs to be blessed by dipping it into the river Salve via the well. In order to do this players MUST HAVE a rope in their inventory.

Products[edit | edit source]

Murky water.png1 × Murky water
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  • Well (Paterdomus)
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Rod of ivandis.png1 × Rod of ivandis
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  • Well (Paterdomus)
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