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The Wiki lookup is a button found on the bottom right corner of the Minimap, directly beneath the world map. It uses this wiki's RSLookup extension and allows players to query searches from in-game to this Wiki.

Players can enable the Wiki lookup button via the Interfaces tab within the Settings interface, and can be re-disabled in the same manner.

Functions[edit | edit source]

Right clicking the Wiki lookup icon displays two options:

  • The Lookup-entity option, when clicked, becomes highlighted. While the icon is highlighted, players can click on an NPC, object or item (in the Inventory as well as in the Worn Equipment tab) to open the relevant Wiki page, if one is available, in the player's default web browser. This can even be used for entities that the player is unable to reach (for example, using the lookup-entity on an NPC behind a closed door).
  • The Search option, allows players to enter a term in the chatbox and search the Wiki for any relevant pages.

Other wiki lookup features[edit | edit source]

In addition to the wiki lookup button, there are other methods to reach the Wiki via in-game means:

  • The Account Management's links tab contains a link to the Main Page.
  • Typing ::wiki (search term) in the chatbox. For example, typing ::wiki Weird gloop will open the wiki article for Weird gloop.
    • Redirects, such as ::wiki ags (which redirects to Armadyl godsword) will work as well.
  • Right-clicking a quest in the Quest tab will provide a link to the full and quick guides for that quest.
  • Right-clicking a diary in the Achievement Diary tab will provide a link to the specific diary.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 April 2022
  • The Wiki lookup will now more direct players to articles more reliably; for example, using the lookup on an item named "Key" will now bring up the article for the specific key rather than the article named Key.
  • The line-of-sight requirement has been removed, allowing looking up of objects or NPCs that are out of the player's range.