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Wild dogs can be found throughout the Brimhaven Dungeon, except in the Iron and Steel dragon cavern.

They can be slain towards a dog Slayer task.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Brimhaven Dungeon63Member icon.png12Maplink
Rellekka docks63Member icon.png1Maplink

Drops[edit | edit source]

The following drop rates are provided by Jagex, unless otherwise specified.

100%[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Bones.png: Wild dog drops Bones with rarity Always in quantity 1Bones1Always1250

Tertiary[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Ensouled dog head.png: Wild dog drops Ensouled dog head with rarity 1/25 in quantity 1Ensouled dog head11/25703171

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On release, wild dogs were aggressive to players. Their aggressiveness was removed by an update on 30 June 2016.
  • The second version of Wild dogs, while presumably intended to appear in the Brimhaven Dungeon, cannot be seen anywhere ingame.