Wilderness Ditch

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Wilderness Ditch
Wilderness Ditch.png
Released18 April 2007 (Update)
LocationWilderness border
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Advanced data
Object ID23271

The Wilderness ditch is a long, narrow ditch that separates the Wilderness from the rest of Gielinor. The player must jump over the ditch to get into or out of the Wilderness. It was created to warn players about entering the Wilderness and to help prevent luring.

The Wilderness ditch can also be used to train Magic and Ranged because enemies on the other side, such as skeletons, are unable to attack over the ditch.

Warning: Beware of other players while on the Wilderness side! Players can attack each other here, and items will be lost on death.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Between 28 April 2021 and 27 April 2022, there was no music track defined for the tiles one tile south of the ditch. If the player had logged out on the tile south of the ditch and logged back in, no music would have been playing until they either cross the ditch or move one tile south. After an update, adjacent non-Wilderness music tracks were set to play at these tiles. At the same time, however, the eastern end of the ditch was made inaccessible by adding a few trees, presumably to prevent free-to-play players from unlocking Parade, assuming it was actually added to play there.
  • The removal or replacement of the Wilderness ditch with a more thematic barrier while still being effective against luring has been polled on five separate occasions, in polls #24, #59, #73, #116 and #147.