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This article is about the Woodcutting trees. For the Farming trees, see Willow Tree (Farming). For the player-owned house trees, see Willow tree (Construction).

A willow tree is a lumber tree requiring level 30 Woodcutting to cut. The tree provides willow logs when cut and 67.5 Woodcutting experience per set of logs collected from the tree. Chopping these trees is arguably one of the best Woodcutting experience for free players. Thus, it is common to find large quantities of woodcutters on a willow tree in a free-to-play world.

Tree locations[edit | edit source]

Willows are also popular because they are found in close proximity to banks and are in clusters. Willow trees are commonly found near bodies of water around Gielinor. They are commonly found by rivers, lakes, and oceans. Willow trees are shown on the World Map and Minimap as a droopy tree World Map Tree 2.png. This image is shared with several other trees, so a droopy tree on the map does not directly mean it is a willow tree.

Free areas[edit | edit source]

Member areas[edit | edit source]

Additional Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Beaver - Willows have a chance to drop the beaver Woodcutting pet. At level 30 Woodcutting there is a 1 in 288,536 chance to receive the beaver and a 1 in 286,811 chance at level 99.
  • Bird Nest – There is 1 in 256 chance to drop from willows. The bird nest will be dropped on the ground and will despawn after 30 second if not picked up. The Bird nest will be given in place of logs.
  • Clue nest – Willows can drop all clue nests. At level 30 Woodcutting there is an approximately 1 in 2225 chance to receive an easy-elite clue nest and a 1 in 1453 chance at level 99. Beginner clue nests have a universal 1 in 1000 chance to be dropped.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Willows have a 1 in 8 chance of depleting when receiving a log, and a respawn time of 8 seconds. A roll to receive a log is done every 4 game ticks when chopping. The chance to successfully chop is affected by the axe used and Woodcutting level, better axes and a higher woodcutting level increases the likelihood of successfully receiving a log. For willow trees using a dragon axe, players have a (theoretical) 24% chance at level 1 and a 73% chance at level 99. When using a rune axe, players have a (theoretical) 22% chance at level 1 and a 69% chance at 99.[1][2][3]

Lore[edit | edit source]

There are several mentions of willows by people around Gielinor as well as in books. The following text is transcluded from Gielinor's flora - trees. The information found within the book is more often than not just flavour text, and does not reflect their properties or uses within the game itself.

Found across the temperate zones of Gielinor, willow trees can be found near almost any body of water. The willow has myriad of uses such as basket, furniture and toys. The willow is particularly useful in medicine as when chewed, the bark of the tree can treat a myriad of illnesses such as fever and inflammation, An enchanting story revolving around willows, is the tale of the willows which can be found in Great Kourend. Although found across the kingdom, they are in fact not native. A well-known legend amongst the people of Hosidius is the story of Alexander the Poet. Alexanders[sic] beautiful writings of all things botanical won the favour of the then Duchess of Lumbridge. She was so smitten by his writings that she requested them sent immediately across the sea as soon as the ink had dried upon the parchment. In return for his writing, Alexander was granted a request and asked for what seemed to all to be a humble gift, that of a single willow twig. The Duchess complied and sent the twig with all haste to Kourend where the learned Alexander planted the twig. Legend has it that all of the Kourend's willows are descended from this first one.

References[edit | edit source]

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