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Winter garden detail.png
Winter Garden Overhead View

The Winter Garden is available for all levels of Thieving. It is located west of the teleport spawn point, provided the compass is pointed north. The Winter Garden includes six Winter Elementals, though two patrol portions of the maze that are not on the solution path. This is the easiest maze, but you must complete it 5 times to make one glass of Winter sq'irkjuice.

Experience[edit | edit source]

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Pestle and mortar.png
  • Picking a fruit from the central tree in the Winter garden gives 30 Farming experience.
  • Picking the herbs from any garden gives 50 Farming experience.
  • If you fill your 28 inventory slots with the fruits and bank them you will get 840 total Farming experience and 1,750 total Thieving experience per trip, 70 Thieving XP per fruit (this involved getting 25 of the fruits you picked and adding them into 5 beer glasses).
  • The recommended inventory for this activity is a Pestle and mortar, 22 Beer glasses, and five empty inventory spaces for the sq'irks.

Lap Time[edit | edit source]

Lap time information is needed for Winter Garden.

Sq'irk Navigation Guide[edit | edit source]

Step 1[edit | edit source]

Step 1

Orient your map to point west and walk forward, as shown in the image. This is the first safespot. When Elemental 1 passes, move to the location indicated with a star, which is the second safespot.

Step 2[edit | edit source]

Step 2

This is the most difficult part of the maze: you must navigate all three elementals show on the image. The paths they travel are shown in the minimap. The most reliable method is to wait for Elemental 2 to turn north on the portion of the route it shares with Elemental 3, then, if Elemental 1 is out of the way, to run to the star. Finally, follow Elemental 3 to the final safespot, shown on the image below.

Step 3[edit | edit source]

Step 3

Finally, wait for Elemental 4 to pass; its patrol is a straight line, as shown on the minimap. Then run to the star and pick the Winter sq'irk.

The "one-click" trick[edit | edit source]

This trick makes the Winter Garden a lot easier. When you enter the garden, set your compass south (the north arrow is pointing down); you should see three elementals, one straight ahead of your character, one to the north, and one to the south (patrolling a long wall). When the one to the south (patrolling the wall) starts turning to the other side of the wall, click the area where the tree is, you should run straight through the whole course. You can also watch the southern elemental (patrolling a long wall) on the minimap, and when it's next to the last two bushes click the area around the tree. This trick works well, although the elementals will get out of sync when they stop to catch you and therefore your timing will be thrown off each time. Also, sometimes, even when an elemental spots you, because you're on the move, it will give you the messages that you've been spotted, but the elemental's teleport spell won't fire because you've moved behind a wall and you'll actually be safe to complete the course (this method seems to only work about 25% of the time).

Winter Garden Herbs[edit | edit source]

Herb Navigation Guide[edit | edit source]

Winter Garden Herb Last Step

Follow the Sq'irk Navigation Guide until you get to the star in step 3. Rather than collecting the Sq'irk, continue east to the herb patch (red arrow in screenshot).

Herb Drop Table[1][edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Guam leaf.png: Sorceress's Garden/Winter drops Guam leaf with rarity 16/54 in quantity 1Guam leaf116/54221
Marrentill.png: Sorceress's Garden/Winter drops Marrentill with rarity 14/54 in quantity 1Marrentill114/54383
Tarromin.png: Sorceress's Garden/Winter drops Tarromin with rarity 13/54 in quantity 1Tarromin113/541816
Harralander.png: Sorceress's Garden/Winter drops Harralander with rarity 11/54 in quantity 1Harralander111/5473112

References[edit | edit source]

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