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Players fighting the Wintertodt.

Wintertodt can be fought with 50 Firemaking, an axe, and a tinderbox.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Equip the best axe you can use. (For players with higher Woodcutting levels the chance to cut is maxed out, allowing for the use of weaker axes while maintaining maximum cutting speed. Players at level 46 Woodcutting can use as low as a steel axe and still maintain maximum cut speed.)[1][2][3]
  • A tinderbox is required to relight the braziers.
  • A knife can be used to fletch the roots, yielding modest Fletching experience and more points when added to a brazier, at the cost of lower rate of Firemaking experience.
  • A hammer is required if the player intends to repair shattered braziers, which grants a fair amount of Construction experience (based on your current Construction level).
  • Unfinished potions from the crates can be made into rejuvenation potions to heal the Pyromancers, but this also requires only one or two people per brazier if playing in a large group.
  • At least 4 pieces of Warm Clothing are a necessity, the clue hunter outfit is an option easily obtained by any player. Pieces of the pyromancer outfit are preferred once the player has obtained them.
  • How much food you need varies; see below.

Warm clothing[edit | edit source]

Throughout the fight, the player will take intermittent passive damage as the cold of the Wintertodt begins to seep into their bones. This passive damage is scaled to each player's levels, based on the sum of the player's Hitpoints and Firemaking levels as well as the number of braziers that are currently lit. Wearing warm or winter-themed equipment will reduce the damage taken.

A minimum of four of these warm items need to be equipped to receive the maximum damage-reduction.

Food[edit | edit source]

As damage scales on your Hitpoints level (and to a lesser extent your Firemaking level), as well as how many braziers are lit; the amount of food the player should bring will vary.

  • Players with higher hitpoints should bring higher tier food; 4-5 sharks should be sufficient when playing on the main Wintertodt world. Those who don't mind having fewer inventory spaces can instead bring 9-10 jugs of wine, which are considerably cheaper. If attempting to subdue the Wintertodt solo or in a small group, Saradomin brews will likely be required.
  • Players with around 10 Hitpoints may be able to rely entirely on natural regeneration, or the use of a regen bracelet, bringing only 1-2 low tier food just in case. Cakes are a good choice as they heal in multiple bites. When playing solo or in a small group, they may require a few more pieces of food.
  • Players with medium to low hitpoints should bring high tier food such as sharks, though the number needed may vary. Soloing or playing in small groups is still possible without the use of Saradomin brews with low hitpoints and high firemaking.

Wintertodt's attacks[edit | edit source]

The area safe from the Wintertodt's attacks.

The Wintertodt has three attacks that can damage the player, as well as two other actions that interfere with defeating it.

  • Players will occasionally take passive damage while in the area; this is unavoidable, but is significantly more frequent when the Wintertodt has high energy. It will interrupt fletching and feeding braziers, but does not interrupt chopping bruma roots.
  • A snowfall in a 3x3 area over the players: Signals that after a short delay, a large pile of snow will deal heavy damage to anyone standing within the area. Players should move to avoid this.
  • A heavy snowfall over a lit brazier: Signals that after a short delay, the brazier will be shattered and anyone standing in a tile adjacent to the brazier will take damage. This occurs more frequently at low energy.
  • A light snowfall over a lit brazier: Signals that after a short delay, the brazier will be extinguished but no damage will be dealt. This occurs more frequently at low energy.
  • A snowfall over a pyromancer: Signals that after a short delay they will be damaged. This attack cannot however damage the player.

Tip: While relighting or repairing a brazier takes several ticks, other actions can be started before the animation has completed. For example, the player can begin relighting the brazier and immediately use a knife on a log to fletch. Tip: The 3x3 snowfall attack must have a 3x3 space unobstructed by scenery to occur. There are several spots (most importantly the ones next to the bruma roots) where a snowfall cannot occur.

The area shown in the image is safe, and none of the Wintertodt's attacks will damage the player within this zone. Players cannot fletch here; however, they can make rejuvenation potions.

Large groups[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Pyromancer hood.png
Dragon axe.png
Pyromancer garb.png
Pyromancer robe.png
Regen bracelet.png
Pyromancer boots.png
Tinderbox.pngHammer.pngKnife.pngSaradomin brew.png
Saradomin brew.png

Since you only need to have four warm items equipped, it is highly recommended to wear a regen bracelet, and make use of the Rapid Heal prayer. With this combination, you will automatically regenerate significant amounts of health during each fight, reducing the need to bring food.

For resupplying, it is recommended players equip a games necklace and a ring of dueling to restore their hitpoints and prayer points at the Ferox Enclave. Additionally, wearing high prayer bonus items in the remaining equipment slots will extend the amount of time the Rapid Heal prayer can remain active.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

During the fight, pay attention to your health and the area around you, making sure to eat if your health gets too low. The Wintertodt can perform a powerful snowfall attack in a 3x3 area, which deals high damage. If snow begins to fall, be sure to avoid the affected area. The amount of damage dealt is based on the player's Hitpoints and Firemaking level.

Players with high hitpoints are advised to use the southern braziers to reduce banking time, since they will be consuming food at a steady rate. Those with low hitpoints won't need to bank for food as often, so they can feed the northern braziers and use the agility shortcut between rounds for a bit of additional Agility experience.

Immediately when the Wintertodt's energy bar turns green at the start of the fight, light one of the braziers with a tinderbox. (You can immediately do so when the respawn timer hits 0:00.) This will start off the fight with 25 points towards the 500 required. You will also receive Firemaking experience (Firemaking level * 6). The brazier should be relit any time it is extinguished while you are nearby.

If you grabbed a potion, pluck a herb from the middle eastern or western wall and use it to finish the potion. Otherwise, start chopping the bruma root to gather fuel for the braziers.

When your inventory is full of roots, begin adding them to the lit braziers. Each root added to a brazier will provide 10 points and some Firemaking experience (Firemaking level * 3).

Fletching the roots into kindling is only recommended for gaining points and not Firemaking experience, because the amount of time it takes to fletch causes it to be slower overall experience. Fletching requires a knife and provides fletching experience (Fletching level * .6). Adding the kindling provides 25 points and will give 30% more firemaking experience than roots. The best place to stand while fletching is either hugging the wall right next to the bruma roots (to avoid the 3x3 attack) or 2 squares away from a brazier (so you can react quickly if it is broken or extinguished, while staying out of range from the shrapnel).

Broken braziers are fixed extremely quickly on Wintertodt worlds, so you will have to click on it immediately after it is broken if you want to gain Construction experience. It can immediately be relit after it is fixed unless the pyromancer is down, in which case your best option is to either heal the pyromancer yourself, run towards another brazier, or fletch while you wait for someone else to heal the pyromancer.

Make sure to gain at least 500 points during each round to be eligible for the supply crate and experience reward. The time to subdue on a Wintertodt world averages about 5 minutes and 20 seconds, including both the fight and wait time between each round. The waiting time between each round is 45 to 90 seconds.

On a Wintertodt world, very little food is necessary because all 4 braziers will be lit. If you have an ornate pool and jewellery box in your house, there is enough time to teleport to the house and heal, then teleport back to the Wintertodt camp, allowing you to use even less food.

Solo Method[edit | edit source]

Soloing the Wintertodt grants notably more supply crate rolls per hour, and should be considered if one wishes to obtain the Phoenix pet. If done efficiently, one can easily expect 28 rolls every 50 minutes from soloing the Wintertodt (in comparison, subduing Wintertodt on main worlds with 750 points each round will award an average 23.4 rolls in the same amount of time). As opposed to the group method, soloing provides significantly lower Firemaking XP rates, but also significantly faster Construction XP rates. It also requires less attention since action-interrupting damage will occur less frequently.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Owning a player-owned house is required to receive experience from repairing broken braziers.

Level Agility 60+ is recommended, allowing the use of the northern gap-jump shortcut as well as providing more run energy for moving between braziers.

Level Prayer 22 to use Rapid Heal and/or Prayer 49+ to use Redemption may provide additional healing.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

4 warm items should be equipped at all times throughout the fight. In addition, having weight-reducing gear such as pieces of the Graceful outfit can significantly reduce your time soloing, as the beginning and end of each round may require lots of running. To maximise the amount of weight-reducing gear you can equip, consider wearing warm items in the neck slot and the shield slot. The Bruma torch should be worn in the weapon slot, with the axe left in the inventory, because the torch counts as both a warm item and a substitute for a tinderbox. One may also opt for the Infernal axe in the weapon slot and a tinderbox in the inventory instead.

Having as many free inventory spaces as possible will reduce the amount of trips needed between the bruma root and brazier. It will also allow you to carry more rejuvenation potions at the beginning of each round, saving trips to restock.

Damage scales harshly with HP level, and players with higher HP levels will require more food. Use of a Regen bracelet and a Hitpoints cape can substantially decrease the amount of food you need to bring.

Below are some example inventories. They assume that decent attention is taken to avoid brazier and area damage. If it is your first time soloing the Wintertodt, take more food than necessary, and adjust to your experience in later rounds.

Clue hunter cloak.png
Rainbow scarf.png
Steel axe.png
Clue hunter garb.png
Clue hunter gloves.png
Clue hunter boots.png

With four warm items equipped and at level 50 Firemaking, 15 Hitpoints is the highest level at which the player takes only one damage from the Wintertodt's standard attacks. Of the four suggested warm items, three can be easily acquired on an Ironman account before training at the Wintertodt - Clue hunter boots and gloves are available north of Ardougne near the Fishing Guild, and the Rainbow scarf can be purchased from Diango in Draynor Village for 120 coins. When wearing only these three items, 13 is instead the highest optimal Hitpoints level before standard attacks begin to deal more damage.

If you have done a holiday event previously on your account, the Santa Outfit or Bunny Outfit can be purchased from Diango quicker than getting the Clue hunter outfit.

The Pyromancer outfit should substitute these items as soon as you acquire them, providing a nice Firemaking XP boost. For players who have acquired the Bruma torch, it is recommended to equip that and keep the axe in inventory, because the torch counts as a warm item and also functions as a tinderbox for the purposes of lighting the brazier.

Without the Graceful outfit, the beginning of the round (where you take most damage while soloing) may last significantly longer. Thus, you may need to bring more food to solo the Wintertodt with this bare-bones setup.

The amount of food shown is not necessarily accurate, as damage taken can be influenced greatly by your HP level and how long your rounds take. Consider bringing more food for your first attempts, and then adjusting as you see fit.

Pyromancer hood.png
Graceful cape.png
Rainbow scarf.png
Bruma torch.png
Graceful top.png
Tome of fire.png
Graceful legs.png
Graceful gloves.png
Graceful boots.png
Ring of dueling.png
Cooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan.png
Cooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan.png
Steel axe.pngHammer.pngKnife.png

For soloing the Wintertodt, the Graceful outfit is a much better option than the Pyromancer outfit. The outfit allows you to run between braziers for a much longer period of time, hastening the early and ending stages of the solo fight. Bring 4 warm items that allow you to wield as much Graceful pieces as possible. Items worn in slots that the outfit does not occupy include the Tome of fire, Lit bug lantern, Rainbow scarf, and Bruma torch.

If you have done a holiday event previously on your account, the Santa Outfit or Bunny Outfit can be purchased from Diango quicker than getting the Clue hunter outfit.

The Ring of dueling may be paired with a Games necklace in your bank, allowing you to use the Ferox Enclave to restore health between rounds and teleport you back to the Wintertodt camp.

The amount of food shown is not necessarily accurate, as damage taken can be influenced greatly by your HP level and how long your rounds take. Consider bringing more food for your first attempts, and then adjusting as you see fit.

Any level Explorer's Ring 1 is very useful to regain run energy.

Pyromancer hood.png
Graceful cape.png
Gnome scarf.png
Rada's blessing 4.png
Bruma torch.png
Graceful top.png
Tome of fire.png
Graceful legs.png
Regen bracelet.png
Graceful boots.png
Ring of dueling.png
Saradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).png
Saradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).png
Dragon axe.pngHammer.pngKnife.png

At higher Hitpoints levels, players begin to take more damage from the Wintertodt's standard attacks - to calculate the amount of damage the Wintertodt will deal with each of its attacks based on your Hitpoints and Firemaking levels (along with other applicable factors), please use the calculator.

The Graceful outfit continues to be the best gear for the solo method, significantly hastening rounds.

The amount of food shown is not necessarily accurate, as damage taken can be influenced greatly by your HP level and how long your rounds take. Consider bringing more food for your first attempts, and then adjusting as you see fit.

Saradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).png
Dragon axe.pngHammer.pngKnife.png

The Hitpoints cape doubles your HP regeneration, and its effects stack with the Regen bracelet. Stacking these two items may significantly reduce the amount of food you require, especially versus near-max HP levels that do not have the Hitpoints cape.

For players who have obtained the Max cape, it is an improvement over the Hitpoints cape as it offers the combined benefits of the Hitpoints cape, Agility cape, Construction cape, and Firemaking cape. With it POH can be used instead of Ferox Enclave to restore stats between rounds.

The amount of food shown is not necessarily accurate, as damage taken can be influenced greatly by how long your rounds take. Consider bringing more food for your first attempts, and then adjusting as you see fit.

Starting a round[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the Wintertodt prison, grab 3-6 unfinished rejuvenation potions from the crate, depending on how much food you've brought with you. Keeping in mind that getting to 13,500 points will generally require about 10-14 potions, bringing more potions at the start can save 1-2 restocking trips.

You want to reduce the Wintertodt's energy from 100% to 20-30% as quickly as you can. Do this by running around the prison, lighting all the braziers. Once all four braziers are lit, grab bruma herbs to finish your potions. From here, you may chop bruma root to fletch into kindling and feed the brazier. If a brazier is extinguished in this early stage, run to light it again. It is possible to fletch 2-3 kindling after you've begun running between a brazier.

Alternatively, once all braziers are lit, players may return to the safe area and wait for the Wintertodt's energy to deplete, only leaving to relight the two closest southern braziers. Since you are more likely to be damaged by the Wintertodt during this early stage, this method saves a considerable amount of food.

Earning points[edit | edit source]

With the Wintertodt's energy reduced, passive damage and area attacks will be far less frequent, while braziers explosions and pyromancer damage will be far more frequent.

Shift your focus to the south-western brazier. Unlike the eastern braziers, path-finding between the bruma root and a western brazier places you immediately beside the pyromancer, saving a small amount of time when healing them.

General Strategy[edit | edit source]

Continue to feed the south-western brazier. If the Wintertodt's energy is high (15-30%), fletch by the braziers, fixing and lighting them as soon as they extinguish, and healing the pyromancer as necessary. With the Wintertodt's energy low (5-15%), you may also continue to fix and light braziers as they extinguish (more intensive), but doing so is not as important. If the Wintertodt's energy gets below 5%, avoid lighting the brazier as this may end your round prematurely. Instead, use this time to chop and fletch kindling, heal other pyromancers, or create more potions.

Rejuvenation Strategy[edit | edit source]

There are two general approaches to the healing of pyromancers. The least intensive is simply to only click to 'Help' a pyromancer when they are downed and you need to light the brazier. However, if you seek to maximise point yield, you can opt to use the potions on the pyromancer every time they take damage. Each pyromancer has 15 HP, and while the potions heal 15 HP when they are down, they only heal 5 HP when they are alive. This is useful because it lets you use potions quicker. Healing the pyromancer grants 30 points no matter what, meaning every potion made is equivalent to 120 points.

When a pyromancer is reduced to 0 hitpoints, there is a brief window where you can still use a potion and only heal 5, meaning even if you're unable to heal an attack before another hits, you can still use a potion and maximise your points yield. You can use a potion on a pyromancer while the animation for repairing or relighting a brazier is occurring, so long as you are standing in the right spot. This is useful when a brazier attack has just struck, as you can heal twice with no downtime.

If using the rejuvenation strategy, you can expect to require 20-30 potions instead of 10-14 when reaching 13,500 points. Thus, it is only recommended if you have enough inventory spaces to restock 6-10 potions each trip. By doing so, using the potions takes little additional time overall, and 13,500 points can be reached in less than 45 minutes.

Ending a round[edit | edit source]

At ~12,500 points, consider how to end your round:

  • The Wintertodt's energy is ~10%: Begin fixing and lighting braziers as soon as they extinguish while continuing to chop and fletch kindling. Aim for this method if you do not have any weight-reducing gear.
  • The Wintertodt's energy is ~20%: Switch your focus to 2 braziers, running between them to keep them lit. If both stay lit, chop and burn kindling. Fletching when you need to run between braziers can significantly increase efficiency at this point.

If you've already reached 13,500 points, your reward potential does not increase. Quickly end the round by running between the 2 southern braziers, ensuring they are lit. If both are lit, stand between both braziers so that you may quickly run to one that does extinguish. Lighting a 3rd or 4th brazier will be difficult with the Wintertodt at low energy, but you may consider doing so if the Wintertodt's energy is still high (>15%).

If you worry about running out of food before reaching 13,500 points, do not hesitate to end the round early using the above strategies. You will lose all your points and not be rewarded if you die while attempting to subdue the boss. Also consider additional healing methods such as waiting in the safe area or using prayers like Rapid Heal or Redemption. Alternatively players in a tight spot are known to ask friends or use alts to bring more food in dire situations.

References[edit | edit source]

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