Woad plant

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Woad plants are flowers that may be grown with the Farming skill. Level 25 farmers may grow a woad plant by planting a woad seed in a flower patch using a seed dibber. Players cannot pay nearby farmers for protection.

A woad seed will take 20 minutes to mature. Once mature, the flower produces 3 woad leafs at a time. It does not regrow back after being harvested. Planting a woad seed in a flower patch grants 20.5 Farming experience. It can only be picked after that for 115.5 Farming experience each leaf.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Woad plant
Level required Farming 25
Patch Flower patch
Seeds per 1
Payment No
Growth time 20 minutes
Yield 3
Regrow No
Seed Woad seed 5.pngWoad seed
Plant Woad plant
Crop Woad leaf 5.pngWoad leaf
Planting XP 20.5 xp
Checking XP No
Harvesting XP 115.5 xp
  1. Only dropped by Grown version.
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Woad leaf.png: Woad plant drops Woad leaf with rarity Always in quantity 1Woad leaf1Always[d 1]690

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

1Woad plant (stage 1).pngN/AN/A
2Woad plant (stage 2).pngDiseased woad plant (stage 2).pngDead woad plant (stage 2).png
3Woad plant (stage 3).pngDiseased woad plant (stage 3).pngDead woad plant (stage 3).png
4Woad plant (stage 4).pngDiseased woad plant (stage 4).pngDead woad plant (stage 4).png
5Woad plant (grown).pngN/AN/A