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This table shows all possible experience sources for Woodcutting in the game, as well as all interactions that require a Woodcutting level. It also lists the items involved in the interactions, as well as other skills involved in processing the item.

NameMembersWoodcutting levelWoodcutting XPMaterials usedTools usedFacilities usedSkills involved
Achey Tree.png
Achey TreeMembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Achey tree logs.png
Achey tree logsMembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png AxeAchey Tree
Arctic Pine.png
Arctic PineMembersWoodcutting 54 40Steel axe.png Axe
Arctic pine logs.png
Arctic pine logsMembersWoodcutting 54 40Steel axe.png AxeArctic Pine
BarkMembersWoodcutting 45 82.5Steel axe.png AxeHollow tree
Blisterwood Tree.png
Blisterwood TreeMembersWoodcutting 62 76Steel axe.png Axe
Blisterwood logs.png
Blisterwood logsMembersWoodcutting 62 76Steel axe.png Axe
Tinderbox.png Tinderbox
Blisterwood TreeFiremaking Firemaking
Burnt tree (big).png
Burnt treeMembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Dead tree (old).png
Dead treeFree-to-playWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Dense Jungle.png
Dense JungleMembersWoodcutting 35 80Machete.png Machete
Dramen tree.png
Dramen treeMembersWoodcutting 36 0Steel axe.png Axe
Dream Tree stump.png
Dream treeMembersWoodcutting 55 37Steel axe.png Axe
Dying tree.png
Dying treeFree-to-playWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Enormous Tentacle (Fishing Trawler).png
Enormous Tentacle (Fishing Trawler)MembersWoodcutting 5Steel axe.png Axe
Evergreen (2).png
EvergreenFree-to-playWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Hollow tree.png
Hollow treeMembersWoodcutting 45 82.5Steel axe.png Axe
Infernal axe.png
Infernal axeMembersWoodcutting 61 200Dragon axe.png Dragon axe
Smouldering stone.png Smouldering stone
Firemaking Firemaking
Jungle Bush.png
Jungle BushMembersWoodcutting 1 100Machete.png Machete
Jungle tree (Trouble Brewing 3).png
Jungle treeMembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Juniper logs.png
Juniper logsMembersWoodcutting 42 35Steel axe.png AxeMature juniper tree
Kharidian cactus.png
Kharidian cactus (Healthy)MembersWoodcutting 1 10Knife.png Knife
Kindling (Chambers of Xeric).png
Kindling (Chambers of Xeric)MembersWoodcutting 1 (?)Steel axe.png AxeSapling (Chambers of Xeric)
Light Jungle.png
Light JungleMembersWoodcutting 10 32Machete.png Machete
Logs (Tutorial Island).png
LogsFree-to-playWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png AxeTree
Magic logs.png
Magic logsMembersWoodcutting 75 250Steel axe.png AxeMagic tree
Magic tree.png
Magic treeMembersWoodcutting 75 250Steel axe.png Axe
Mahogany (Prifddinas).png
MahoganyMembersWoodcutting 50 125Steel axe.png Axe
Mahogany logs.png
Mahogany logsMembersWoodcutting 50 125Steel axe.png AxeMahogany
Maple logs.png
Maple logs (Kandarin Easy)Free-to-playWoodcutting 45 110Steel axe.png AxeMaple tree
Maple logs.png
Maple logs (Normal)Free-to-playWoodcutting 45 100Steel axe.png AxeMaple tree
Maple tree (Gwenith).png
Maple tree (Anywhere)MembersWoodcutting 45 100Steel axe.png Axe
Maple tree (Gwenith).png
Maple tree (Kandarin Medium)MembersWoodcutting 45 110Steel axe.png Axe
Mature juniper tree.png
Mature juniper treeMembersWoodcutting 42 35Steel axe.png Axe
Medium Jungle.png
Medium JungleMembersWoodcutting 20 55Machete.png Machete
Neitiznot shield.png
Neitiznot shieldMembersWoodcutting 56 0Bronze nails.png Bronze nails
Rope.png Rope
Arctic pine logs.png Arctic pine logs
Hammer.png HammerWoodcutting stumpCrafting Crafting
Oak (Tutorial Island).png
OakFree-to-playWoodcutting 15 37.5Steel axe.png Axe
Oak logs.png
Oak logsFree-to-playWoodcutting 15 37.5Steel axe.png AxeOak
Phren bark.png
Phren barkMembersWoodcutting 1 10Crystal axe (The Gauntlet).png Crystal axe (The Gauntlet)Phren Roots
Phren bark (corrupted).png
Phren bark (corrupted)MembersWoodcutting 1 10Crystal axe (The Gauntlet).png Crystal axe (The Gauntlet)Phren Roots (The Corrupted Gauntlet)
Redwood logs.png
Redwood logsMembersWoodcutting 90 380Steel axe.png AxeRedwood tree
Redwood tree.png
Redwood treeMembersWoodcutting 90 380Steel axe.png Axe
Sapling (Chambers of Xeric).png
Sapling (Chambers of Xeric)MembersWoodcutting 1 (?)Steel axe.png Axe
Scrapey tree.png
Scrapey treeMembersWoodcutting 0 25Steel axe.png Axe
Scrapey tree logs.png
Scrapey tree logsMembersWoodcutting 0 25Steel axe.png AxeScrapey tree
Split log.png
Split logMembersWoodcutting 56 5Arctic pine logs.png Arctic pine logsSteel axe.png AxeWoodcutting stump
SulliuscepMembersWoodcutting 65 127Steel axe.png Axe
Swaying tree.png
Swaying treeMembersWoodcutting 40 1Steel axe.png Axe
Teak (Prifddinas).png
TeakMembersWoodcutting 35 85Steel axe.png Axe
Teak logs.png
Teak logsMembersWoodcutting 35 85Steel axe.png AxeTeak
Tendrils (Tar Swamp).png
Tendrils (Tar Swamp)MembersWoodcutting 1 2Steel axe.png Axe
Thatch spar dense.png
Thatch spar denseMembersWoodcutting 35 80Machete.png MacheteDense Jungle
Thatch spar light.png
Thatch spar lightMembersWoodcutting 10 32Machete.png MacheteLight Jungle
Thatch spar med.png
Thatch spar medMembersWoodcutting 20 55Machete.png MacheteMedium Jungle
Thick vine (Tar Swamp).png
Thick vines (Tar Swamp)MembersWoodcutting 1 2Steel axe.png Axe
Tree (Great Kourend).png
TreeMembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Tree (Prifddinas Agility Course).png
Tree (Prifddinas)MembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Tree (Tirannwn, 2).png
Tree (Tirannwn)MembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Tree (Tutorial Island).png
Tree (Tutorial Island)Free-to-playWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Tree (snow, 3).png
Tree (snow)MembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Tree (young, 2).png
Tree (young)MembersWoodcutting 1 25Steel axe.png Axe
Vines (Brimhaven Dungeon).png
Vines (Brimhaven Dungeon)MembersWoodcutting 10 0Steel axe.png Axe
Willow (3).png
WillowFree-to-playWoodcutting 30 67.5Steel axe.png Axe
Willow logs.png
Willow logsFree-to-playWoodcutting 30 67.5Steel axe.png AxeWillow
Windswept logs.png
Windswept logsMembersWoodcutting 50 0Steel axe.png AxeWindswept tree
Windswept tree.png
Windswept treeMembersWoodcutting 50 0Steel axe.png Axe
Yew (Prifddinas).png
YewMembersWoodcutting 60 175Steel axe.png Axe
Yew logs.png
Yew logsFree-to-playWoodcutting 60 175Steel axe.png AxeYew