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A list of Old School RuneScape servers in the Main Menu.

A server, world or W is a computer, or part of a computer, which hosts RuneScape. Servers are maintained by Jagex and are distributed across the real world. Each world allows 2000 players to be connected at once.

Types of worlds[edit | edit source]

Type Description
Free-to-play inventory image Free-to-play The only worlds available to free players. Certain worlds may be earmarked for specific activities.
Members inventory image Members General-purpose worlds for members. Certain worlds may be earmarked for specific activities.
Leagues inventory image Leagues Temporary worlds for the Leagues game mode.
Unrestricted world inventory image Unrestricted Also known as beta or tournament worlds. Useful for beta testing or trying high-level content.
Deadman Mode inventory image Deadman Worlds for Deadman Mode, a PvP oriented game mode.
PvP world inventory image PvP Player-versus-player combat is enabled outside the Wilderness in these worlds.
Quest Speedrunning inventory image Quest Speedrunning Worlds for the Quest Speedrunning game mode.

Other[edit | edit source]

Type Description
Members / Free-to-play Skill Total Limited to players with the indicated skill total.
Members / PvP world High Risk Players will lose all items on death in these worlds.
Members LMS Competitive Competitive Last Man Standing is limited to these worlds. On rotation.

List of worlds[edit | edit source]

This is the list of worlds and their respective activities. There are currently 155 normal members worlds and 76 free-to-play worlds.

Isolation of worlds[edit | edit source]

For the most part, events that occur in one world will not affect any other RuneScape world. For example, buying an item in a shop will only decrease the inventory for the shop in that world. Shop inventory, character respawns, item respawns, and resource regeneration (e.g. ores, trees) are all managed individually for each server. Additionally, players (along with chat messages) contained in one world will not be visible to players in another world.

One exception to this rule is the timing of certain events. For example, when tackling organized crime, each world will consistently spawn and despawn the gang meetings at the same times and locations as the other worlds on that server.

World hopping[edit | edit source]

Because each world has its own shop inventory, players will often change worlds rapidly to buy from one store many different times. Also, players often switch worlds to find more favourable conditions (e.g. more populated) for minigames, player killing, or trading. This is known as world hopping.

Interaction between worlds[edit | edit source]

The only possible ways of interaction between RuneScape worlds is private chat using the Friends List or through Clan Chat.

Persistence of character state[edit | edit source]

When a user logs off of a world, all settings particular to that character are saved to the player's account profile in a global database. Therefore, when logging into a different world, the character's skills, inventory, etc. will be restored to the same state, regardless of which server the character last logged onto.

Themed servers/worlds[edit | edit source]

In August 2007, Jagex added a new column to the world select screen highlighting those worlds with associated activities, especially those team-based events like Trouble Brewing, to make it easier to find people with similar ideas.

In the update of July 5 2018, Jagex removed the themes of several worlds where the theme was unused or no longer necessary. This was only a text change in the world selection screen, with no impact on the actual worlds.

Skill total worlds[edit | edit source]

Skill total worlds are worlds that are locked to accounts that do not meet the required Total level to enter. Free-to-play skill total worlds calculate total levels from free-to-play skills alone and do not acknowledge members skills, meaning players require a cumulative total of 500 or 750 in free-to-play skills (total level of 508 or 758 respectively if all member's skills are 1) to enter those worlds.

Player killing[edit | edit source]

  • United Kingdom flag.png 308 — Wilderness PK - Free
  • United Kingdom flag.png 316 — Wilderness PK - Free
  • United Kingdom flag.png 365 — High Risk World
  • United States flag.png 369 — Wilderness PK - Members
  • Australia flag.png 392 — PvP World

On these worlds, players may attack each other almost everywhere and are prevented from teleporting for a few seconds after using a special attack in PvP combat on PvP or Bounty Hunter worlds. This is done to prevent players from using their special attack on a player and immediately teleporting away without consequence. Players are also prevented from teleporting while their special attack bar is activated on these worlds.

Normally some PvP worlds are affected by the PvP world rotation, changing when they are available in one week intervals. This is to reduce the number of worlds to make each more active, while changing locations to provide fairer lag to players across the world.

Rotation A[edit | edit source]

This rotation is currently active for the next 4 days.

  • Australia flag.png 390 – LMS Competitive
    • This world is online at all times, but it can only be used to play LMS competitive during rotation A
  • United States flag.png 539 — PvP World
  • Germany flag.png 548 — PvP World - High Risk
  • United Kingdom flag.png 559 — LMS Competitive
  • United States flag.png 577 — PvP World - Free

Rotation B[edit | edit source]

This rotation is currently inactive.

  • United Kingdom flag.png 560 — PvP World
  • United Kingdom flag.png 561 — PvP World - Free
  • United States flag.png 579 — PvP World - High Risk
  • United States flag.png 580 — LMS Competitive

High-risk worlds[edit | edit source]

High Risk worlds (currently worlds 365, 474, 533, and PvP world 548) are worlds where players will lose all items on death due to having a special skull status over the head (Skull (High Risk PvP world) icon.png) at all times. Going into these worlds can be a risky, but good way to make money if you have a high Combat level with good armour and weapons and are proficient in player-versus-player combat. It is strongly recommended that you only take items that you are willing to lose! Also, note that World 365, 474, and 533 are "safe" worlds unless you go into the Wilderness as they are not PvP worlds.

Upon killing any opponent, you will always get the items they were wearing and carrying, unless the item is (or was) untradeable, in which case will usually turn into a stack of gold coins according to its value.

Warning[edit | edit source]

The warning received when selecting a High Risk world from the login screen.
Confirmation when selecting a High Risk world using the in-game World Switcher.

A warning is shown on attempting to login to a high-risk server from the login screen. If using the World Switcher instead, a confirmation will appear. Upon logging into a PvP world, a chat message will appear saying This is a PvP World. Players may attack you once you leave this safe area.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
6 June 2022

The PvP world rotation has been turned back on.

11 April 2022

The PvP world rotation was turned off for world deployment system maintenance. All PvP worlds are available simultaneously.[1]

22 September 2021

On high-risk PvP worlds, death no longer removes the Special Skull icon.

20 August 2015
(update | poll)

Added four skill total worlds that require a minimum of 1250+, 1500+, 1750+, or 2000+ total level in order to access.

5 March 2015

Due to an influx of free-to-play players, 3 members worlds (301, 326 and 335) have been converted to F2P.

17 July 2014

Resources and monsters now spawn at a standardised rate throughout all worlds regardless of how many people are currently online instead of based on how many people were online on that world, where more players meant a faster respawn.

References[edit | edit source]

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