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The World 347 glitch was a glitch that occurred on 24 April 2018. Jagex were taking USA servers offline that were scheduled for maintenance; World 345, the standard Deadman Mode world, was transferred to world 347, however Deadman Mode mechanics were prematurely applied by not forcing players to logout on world 347. Jagex estimated that the glitch lasted for less than two minutes.[1]

This resulted in some players dying to other players and losing their items on the main server, and many accounts experience game-breaking effects, such as the permanent loss of experience. A player who had previously achieved 99 Herblore died during the glitch; their base Herblore level was lowered and they still possessed the skillcape, unable to wear it. Players who killed other players and received bank keys during the glitch who logged out and back into the main server held the bank keys, unable to use them. When players attempted to log out or teleport in combat, they were subject to the Deadman Mode delay. Players also received five times as much experience during the glitch which was added to their main server accounts.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Jagex responded to the incident several hours after the glitch occurred.[2] They initially identified three players who died as a result of the glitch, two of which Jagex suspected may have used macroing tools and were subject to investigation by their anti-cheating team. Jagex reached out to the third player who died, and said that they are attempting to restore what they can to them in addition to granting 12 months of membership to an account of their choice. Additionally, Jagex said they would put a process in place so the same incident can't happen again. Jagex said they will be removing bank keys from accounts that were obtained by the glitch.[3] Jagex stated that they are not seeking to take any action against players who used the glitch to kill other players.[4]

A day after the glitch occurred, Jagex gave 15 bonds to the player who died to make up for the value of items lost,[5] which was worth approximately 58,200,000 at the time, in addition to 12 months of membership. Additionally, Jagex offered to restore the experience lost during the glitch.[6] Untradeable items such as the player's rock golem pet were not restored, however.

On 7 June 2018, Jagex stated that they previously set a precedent with the handling of the World 347 glitch and aimed to restore players' accounts when losing items or experience to glitches if Jagex were completely to blame.[7]

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