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The following is an archive of official world maps released by Jagex on their website and prior to that, the web client.

Map Date of release Notes
World map (24-07-2007).jpg 24 July 2007 The map closest in date to the August 2007 Archive of RuneScape, this map was used for the launch of Old School RuneScape.
World map (03-04-2014).jpg 3 April 2014 Released in a newspost, the map was created by a player named Oyuu and was sent to Jagex, which they adopted as the official map. A label named "Map by Oyuu" can be seen north of the Necromancer Tower.
World map (June 2014).png June 2014 The map was made larger in size. Clan Wars was added to the Giants' Plateau, and a pen was added north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold for community streams.

A dungeon icon leading to the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon, which never existed in Old School RuneScape, was removed.

World map (August 2014).png August 2014 Poll booths were added to every bank.
World map (05-01-2015).png 8 January 2015 Zul-Andra was added.
World map (February 2015).png February 2015 The Grand Exchange was added north-west of Varrock. As a result, Varrock's western walls were opened up, and Lucien's house and the Outlaw Camp were relocated. Also, the Lumbridge farmlands were changed.
World map (April 2015).png April 2015 Achievement Diaries were released, alongside an expansion of the Cooks' Guild and a new furnace in Edgeville as potential rewards.
World map (07-01-2016).png 7 January 2016 The map now includes Great Kourend and completes the north-west corner of Prifddinas.
World map (14-01-2016).png 14 January 2016 The centre of Great Kourend has roads added, and a stray rare tree icon was removed.
World map (21-01-2016).png 21 January 2016 An area was added west of the Lizardman Canyon, containing lizardman shamans. The Mermaid storage unit was also removed.
World map (25-02-2016).png 25 February 2016 A clothes shop icon was added where Osten is, and the Vinery is properly labeled now that it is accessible.
World map (03-03-2016).png 3 March 2016 In Great Kourend, more pathways and roads were added, and the centre has been redesigned from a large clear field with the statue in the centre to a large, tall monument.
World map (12-05-2016).png 12 May 2016 In Great Kourend, several shop and mining site icons were added, while some map icons were added to Ape Atoll with the release of Monkey Madness II.
World map (01-06-2016).png 1 June 2016 The Woodcutting Guild was added, and transportation icons were added for the Lovakengj Minecart Network.
World map (08-09-2016).png 8 September 2016 The Wintertodt Camp was added.
World map (17-11-2016).png 17 November 2016 A major rework of Great Kourend was released, and an island in the shape of an easter egg was added, which would later be the location of the 2017 Easter event.
World map (07-01-2017).png 7 January 2017 Mount Quidamortem was added.
World map (27-04-2017).png 27 April 2017 Various dungeon entrances were added to relocate monsters that were once found in the Stronghold Slayer Cave.
World map (06-09-2017).png 6 September 2017 The map was brightened and sees the addition of Fossil Island.
World map (23-11-2017).png 23 November 2017 The entrance to the Revenant Caves was added, the map was cropped, and much of the Western Sea was blacked out. Labels on Fossil Island were removed.
World map (05-12-2017).png 5 December 2017 The Corsair Cove and Myths' Guild was added, though the latter was not yet accessible.
World map (25-01-2018).png 25 January 2018 Ungael was added, map icons were added to the Myths' Guild, and Fossil Island's labels were restored.
World map (22-05-2018).png 22 May 2018 The Sanguinesti region sees the release of Slepe and Ver Sinhaza. Darkmeyer was now labeled on the map, though not yet accessible.

Some labels were changed in Great Kourend as well; namely, "Zeah" was removed from usage and the Kebos Lowlands was named.

World map (06-09-2018).png 6 September 2018 The font size of the map labels were reduced, and Weiss was added to the map.
World map (10-01-2019).png 10 January 2019 The Kebos Lowlands was added, Wester Island was removed, and changes to the map label's font size were reverted.
World map (23-05-2019).png 23 May 2019 Hosidius was graphically reworked.
World map (18-07-2019).png 18 July 2019 Prifddinas was updated, adding a new area north of the city.
World map (27-05-2020).png 27 May 2020 The Island of Stone was added, and an updated Darkmeyer was released.
World map (14-07-2020).png 14 July 2020 Ferox Enclave was added, and the old Clan Wars area is replaced by the Giants' Plateau.
World map (07-12-2020).png 7 December 2020 The Isle of Souls was added.
World map (27-01-2021).png 27 January 2021 Some new wheat fields were added. The Ruins of Unkah and the Sea Spirit Dock, the place were players will travel to fight Tempoross, were added, though it does not yet appear in game.
World map (03-06-2021).png 3 June 2021 The Isle of Souls has had map icons added to it, the Games Zone and the Clan Hub have been added, and Shayzien has been reworked entirely.
World map (27-04-2022).png 27 April 2022 The south-eastern Kharidian Desert has been filled in with the ruins of Ullek and the Necropolis.