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The worn equipment interface.
Worn equipment.png

The Worn Equipment tab, also called the equipped tab, the worn items screen, or the equipped inventory, shows all the equipment that the player is wearing or wielding. The equipped inventory is divided into 11 slots for each area of the body that some piece of equipment can be worn on. Since the 11 slots can each be equipped with an item which then no longer appears in the backpack inventory, a player can effectively carry 39 items with them at once. The slots and what they can be equipped with are listed below.

Head slot[edit | edit source]

Head slot.png

This slot tends to confer low defensive bonuses, but high offensive ones. Off-style helmets tend to have the least penalizing offensive drawbacks as well, making this slot a good choice to lean into the advantages of another combat style that doesn't match the one of your weapon.

Cape slot[edit | edit source]

Cape slot.png

Capes provide relatively small bonuses, but they typically provide them without any drawbacks to other combat styles. A variety of capes provide utility functions, making this slot valuable for non-combat purposes as well.

Neck slot[edit | edit source]

Neck slot.png

Neck slot items tend to provide strong offensive bonuses for their appropriate combat style, or a wide variety of non-combat functions, similar to rings.

Ammunition slot[edit | edit source]

Ammo slot.png

When using bows, crossbows, or ballistae, a player needs ammunition to fire from their weapon; arrows, bolts, or javelins. Ammunition cannot be used from the inventory; it must be equipped to the ammunition slot. When not using ranged, or using ranged weapons that provide their own ammo such as the crystal bow or toxic blowpipe, you can instead equip various blessings for a small prayer bonus and other perks. It is common to refer to this slot as the 'quiver', despite actual quivers that exist being equipped to the cape slot.

Extra ammo slot[edit | edit source]

The Bolt pouch provides an extra ammo slot, which may be clicked to switch the bolts being used.

Weapon slot[edit | edit source]

Weapon slot.png

Your choice of weapon in the main hand. Determines your combat style, affecting what type of damage you deal and what offensive advantages apply from the rest of your equipment. Some skilling tools can be equipped in this slot as well.

Shield slot[edit | edit source]

Shield slot.png

Shield slot equipment often provides specific combat utility required for fighting particular monsters, such as protection against the fiery breath of dragons. If no specific utility is required, there are powerful offensive or defensive options.

Two-handed items[edit | edit source]

2h slot.png

This type of equipment occupies both the weapon and shield slots, so when equipped, both items will be removed. This means you cannot equip a two-handed item if your inventory is full and both of those slots are occupied.

Body slot[edit | edit source]

Body slot.png

The body item of an armour set tends to provide both the highest defensive benefits for its combat style as well as the highest offensive penalties for off-style attacks. Items in this slot very rarely have non-combat utility.

Legs slot[edit | edit source]

Legs slot.png

Leg items tend to fill extremely similar roles as body items, with the same pronounced defensive strengths and offensive weaknesses, though generally somewhat weaker. Because they are two different slots, you can mix and match equipment sets to reach more balanced bonuses.

Hands slot[edit | edit source]

Hands slot.png

The hand slot tend to be a great source of offensive bonuses, and commonly benefits all combat styles at once.

Feet slot[edit | edit source]

Feet slot.png

The gear available for this slot is very similar to hand slot gear, but tends to have more emphasis on defence than offence. It also provides less equipment with combat style flexibility than the hand slot. Similar to the shield slot, equipment necessary for negating penalizing effects are often feet slot items as well.

Ring slot[edit | edit source]

Ring slot.png

The ring slot has many equipment choices with abilities not available any other way; this tends to make this slot very competitive. Utility functions such as teleportation are also very frequently available via the ring slot. The rings that do provide statistical bonuses tend to be similar in magnitude to the neck slot, though typically must be imbued to reach their full potential.

Jaw slot[edit | edit source]

Monkey dentures detail.png

The jaw slot (or beard slot) is a hidden slot in which facial hair is placed.[1] Items in the jaw slot are typically used to achieve various benefits within a minigame without having to sacrifice a worn item, such as a cape. Jaw slot items may be seen on the Items Kept on Death interface.

Examples of jaw slot items include Barbarian Assault role icons, which were once worn in the cape slot, but moved to the jaw slot to allow capes to be equipped within the minigame. Another example can be seen in Clan Wars, where imaginary team capes are placed in the jaw slot so that a player's team mate will have their left-click "Attack" option moved to a right-click option without having to actually wear a team cape.[2] Jaw slot items are also used in Soul Wars, where Blue icon or Red icon are placed in the jaw slot.

Items in the jaw slot also remove existing facial hair from the player's model. To prevent players from being affected, a fake beard is built into the equipped model to appear as if it was never removed.[3] For example, each Barbarian Assault role icon has 16 different variants, one for each facial hairstyle that currently exists.[4]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When items are equipped, players used to have the option to "Operate" them, regardless of them having a secondary function or not. For items that did not have a special function, the player would receive a message saying, "There is no way to operate that item," if they attempted to do so.

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