Xerician robes

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A player wearing Xerician robes.

Xerician robes (known as Xerician armour in game) is a set of magic robes obtainable by crafting Xerician fabric, which are dropped by lizardmen. Twelve fabrics and level 22 in Crafting are required to craft a full set. You will also need a needle and thread.

In order to equip Xerician robes, players require a Magic level of 20 and a Defence level of 10. Due to their low price and comparatively high Magic bonuses, Xerician robes are often used in Wilderness Player killing.

This set can be stored in the armour case space of a costume room in a player-owned house. Ultimate Ironmen will be unable to retrieve individual pieces until the full set is stored.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Xerician hat.png Xerician hat 3,228
Xerician top.png Xerician top 3,572
Xerician robe.png Xerician robe 4,169
Total 10,969

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

ItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther
Stab attackSlash attackCrush attackMagic attackRanged attackStab defenceSlash defenceCrush defenceMagic defenceRanged defenceMelee strengthMagic damageRanged strengthPrayer bonusWeightMembers
Xerician hatXerician hat000300003000%000.2Member icon.png
Xerician robeXerician robe000400007000%000.2Member icon.png
Xerician topXerician top0006000010000%000.2Member icon.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
24 March 2016

Xerician armour can once again be retrieved from a POH armour case.