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2021 Halloween event
2021 Christmas event2022 Easter event
Xi plzPetDogz xiX.png
Released20 October 2021 (Update)
Removal3 November 2021 (Update)
Combat level16
LocationSouth of Edgeville Monastery
ExamineMaybe they want to pet frogs too?
Advanced data
NPC IDhist11254
Xi plzPetDogz xiX chathead.png
Xi plzPetDogz xiX (2021 Christmas event) chathead.png
Xi plzPetDogz xiX chathead.png

Xi_plzPetDogz_xiX is a player spoof that players encounter during the 2021 Halloween event. He is accidentally killed by Death after Death scares away Oziach and prevents him from buying the Edgeville Monastery. He drops three shrimp, an unobtainable studded body, an unobtainable rune scimitar, and bones when he dies.

Xi_plzPetDogz_xiX appears again in the 2021 Christmas event where he walks around the grotto event. The player can talk to all the quest NPCs they helped and Xi_plzPetDogz_xiX will tell the player he really needed this event to cheer him up after losing his rune scimitar during the Halloween event. He also talks about the new rune scimitar he received from Santa as a present.

Xi_plzPetDogz_xiX appears once more in the 2022 Easter event where he rushes the Easter Bunny while Phoebe Kay is freezing the Big bucket of camel milk, effectively killing him. He is killed a second time attempting to reclaim his items while Phoebe Kay is freezing the Churning machine.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He references the efficiency of getting a rune scimitar on an Ironman account, where he says he killed fire giants for it but Death says Zamorak warriors are better.
  • His name is a reference to the constant demands from players to be able to pet the Stray dogs in Varrock as opposed to shooing them away. The ability to do so was added in the 2019 Christmas event.
  • It is impossible for this character's username to belong to an actual human player, as the limit of all player names is 12 characters. Xi_plzPetDogz_xiX contains 17 characters.