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Yama is a fire demon that supposedly dwells in the inaccessible depths of the Chasm of Fire.

He is worshipped by the Disciples of Yama, who have participated in a ritual of human sacrifice and staring into a fire so bright that they lost their vision. Yama has great influence, as he was able to hold sway over Sophia Hughes, who worshipped the demon in return for something unknown. He also has a priest that he conveys messages to and judges to mete punishment out to both his enemies and those who take advantage of his generosity. Following the opening of Kourend to the human kingdoms east of them, Yama has allowed adventurers to slay his minions as long as they are on a slayer task for them, although the reason behind it is unknown.

Apart from the human followers, Yama has a sizable amount of demon subordinates outside of the priest and judge, mostly consisting of lesser, greater and black demons, although he also has a few imps in his service.

During the events of A Kingdom Divided, Yama has Sophia targeted for death after becoming aware she had taken advantage of his generosity.