Yommi totem

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Yommi totem
Yommi totem.png
Released20 August 2003 (Update)
Quest itemLegends' Quest
ExamineA well-carved totem pole made from the trunk of a Yommi tree.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight3 kg
Advanced data
Item ID749
Yommi totem detail.png

The yommi totem is a quest item used during the Legends' Quest to replace the evil totem in the centre of the Kharazi Jungle. It may be cut from a yommi tree, grown from yommi tree seeds in the fertile soil just north-west of the pool of pure water.

Players must be quick in producing the yommi totem in order to prevent the tree from rotting. If the tree does rot, players may ask Ungadulu for more seeds to restart the production process.

While yommi tree seeds are not obtainable after completing the quest, any seeds left over from the quest will still work and another yommi tree can be grown, allowing the player to obtain another totem. However, it is useless at this point, and it cannot be used to replace the evil totem pole again (because the totem pole is no longer cursed after it is replaced in the quest).

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Yommi totem detail (beta).png
Yommi totem detail.png
Yommi totem (beta).png
Yommi totem.png
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