Yommi tree seeds

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Yommi tree seeds detail.png
Yommi tree seeds (germinated) detail.png

Yommi tree seeds are a quest item used during the Legends' Quest. They are given to the player by Ungadulu after freeing him. The seeds must first be germinated in holy water before they can be grown into a Yommi tree, and to do this the player must perform a number of tasks in an underground dungeon.

It is possible to be unsuccessful when planting the seed, prompting the following message: "You planted the seed incorrectly in the fertile soil". The chance of this happening is dependent on the player's herblore level, according to the following formula: [1]. Once the tree has grown the player can cut a Yommi totem from it. Three seeds are obtained from Ungadulu at a time. If the seeds are lost or planted incorrectly, one can ask Ungadulu for three more. The seeds require level 45 Herblore to plant. The tree grows at an amazing rate, but can be cut only with a rune axe, and must be cut quickly so as to prevent it from getting rotten. The seeds have an identical inventory icon to mithril seeds.

References[edit | edit source]

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