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Zamorak brews are made by mixing torstol and then jangerberries in a vial of water, giving 175 Herblore experience. It requires level 78 Herblore to make.

A Zamorak brew temporarily raises the player's Attack by 20% +2 and Strength by 12% + 2. It also temporarily lowers Defence by 10% + 2 and the remaining Hitpoints by 12% (all numbers rounded down). Additionally, the potion restores around 10% of the player's Prayer points. This cannot be used in conjunction with a Saradomin brew to raise all four skills as they will cancel each other out.

Restore potions are frequently used with Zamorak brews to raise lowered Defence. A common use for Zamorak brews is when killing Corporeal Beast, where a dose can be used before fighting and the lowered stats restored with an ornate rejuvenation pool. The brews have a slightly bigger boost to Attack than super combat potions and are cheaper, making them a decent alternative. However, they are rare for general use due to the drawbacks.

A super strength potion will always boost Strength level higher than a Zamorak brew; however, the Zamorak brew's Attack boost is slightly better than a super attack potion. At levels 85, 86, 90-93, and 95-99, the Zamorak brew will give a boost of 2 levels more than a Super attack potion. You can also use a super strength potion or a dragon battleaxe special attack before you sip a dose to increase your Strength level to the max.

Note that Zamorak brew cannot be used with the Lunar spell Boost Potion Share.

Attack boost by level[edit | edit source]

AttackAttack icon.png Level Boost AttackAttack icon.png Level Boost AttackAttack icon.png Level Boost
1-4 +2 35-39 +9 70-74 +16
5-9 +3 40-44 +10 75-79 +17
10-14 +4 45-49 +11 80-84 +18
15-19 +5 50-54 +12 85-89 +19
20-24 +6 55-59 +13 90-94 +20
25-29 +7 60-64 +14 95-99 +21
30-34 +8 65-69 +15

Strength boost by level[edit | edit source]

StrengthStrength icon.png Level Boost StrengthStrength icon.png Level Boost StrengthStrength icon.png Level Boost
1-8 +2 34-41 +6 67-74 +10
9-16 +3 42-49 +7 75-83 +11
17-24 +4 50-58 +8 84-91 +12
25-33 +5 59-66 +9 92-99 +13

Creation[edit | edit source]

Herblore Herblore78175
Member icon.png
Ticks2 (1.2s)
pxTorstol potion (unf)18,146
Total Cost8,418
pxZamorak brew(3)11,732

Price per dose[edit | edit source]

Item Price per dose
Zamorak brew(1).png Zamorak brew(1) 1,197
Zamorak brew(2).png Zamorak brew(2) 850
Zamorak brew(3).png Zamorak brew(3) 577
Zamorak brew(4).png Zamorak brew(4) 596

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

Zamorak brew(2)[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Dagannoth Rex303 Multicombat.png11/128

Zamorak brew(3)[edit | edit source]

K'ril Tsutsaroth650 Multicombat.png38/127

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
24 April 2014
The 1-dose Zamorak brew will now restore Prayer points, like the other versions do.