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The Zaros mjolnir is an unobtainable item that was released alongside A Soul's Bane. Although the name would suggest that it was intended as a reward for treasure hunting with the enchanted key, it is most likely that the mjolnir was supposed to be either a reward from the quest, or a fifth Anger weapon.

It is possible that A Soul's Bane was originally intended to serve as a sequel to The Dig Site. Tolna's Rift is located very close to Senntisten, while Tolna states that he encountered the ruins of an ancient civilisation who used to worship a god, watched over by an evil power. [1] The pattern on the Zaros mjolnir matches the one found in the Senntisten temple; therefore it is possible that the mjolnir would have been the original reward from the quest.

For unknown reasons, the mjolnir was ultimately not released, and therefore has never been obtainable in Old School RuneScape.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Zarosian symbol on the mjolnir is different from the established Zarosian symbol, where the central cross is rotated 45 degrees compared to the outer joints.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Tolna, "A Soul's Bane", Old School RuneScape. "I managed to find the remnants of the ancient civilisation that the stories talked about. It seems people used to worship a god there years ago in numbers far greater than a simple cult following. Sadly there is little remaining so I have nothing else to tell. As soon as I entered this area the ground swallowed me whole. I felt there was something watching, waiting. It's like there is some evil power under the ground that wanted me to suffer. As if it got some sort of empowerment from it. At least what ever it is, it doesn't want to reveal itself to the world yet..."