Zombie (2005 Halloween event)

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This article contains information obtained from the game APIs or cache.
The content may not be currently accessible in game, or may be reserved for use in a future update.
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Zombies are remnants from the 2005 Halloween event that still exist within the game cache, but cannot be found anywhere in-game.

2005 Halloween event[edit | edit source]

There were three types of zombie during the event, each could be interacted with in a different way.

  • The first kind of zombie could be called-over, and would split into two Most of a Zombie, one comprised of the upper half of their body, and the other the lower half.
  • The second type of zombie could be insulted, causing its head to fall off, leaving behind a headless Most of a Zombie and a Zombie Head, which could then be caught to obtain the zombie head item.
  • The final variety of zombie could be scared, which would cause them to split into Half-Zombie and Other Half-Zombie and in turn spare the player, unlocking the Scared emote.