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Zooknock chathead.png

Zooknock is the 10th squad mage who is involved in two quests. He can be found on Ape Atoll at the end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon. He makes enchanted bars with a m'amulet mould and monkey denture. He also makes monkey greegrees with a monkey talisman and the remains of a monkey (bones or corpse). You must first talk to him and ask "Can you make me another monkey talisman?" Then right-click the remains and use them on him and do the same with a talisman, he will not take items from the player's inventory. He will only accept items for one greegree each time he is asked; you must ask him again for each additional greegree you wish to make.

After the events of Monkey Madness II, Zooknock can be found upstairs south-west of the house Anita stays in at the Tree Gnome Stronghold, west of the swamp. Here, players can reclaim the 10th squad sigil, m'speak amulet, and any greegree they have without the need to give him the materials required, except ancient gorilla greegree, which he will create in exchange for the ancient monkey skull. In addition, he has a burning brazier in which players can re-fight Glough, albeit without any rewards.

Monkey greegrees[edit | edit source]

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  • Karamja monkey greegrees are made with Karamja monkey bones (or monkey corpses) and a monkey talisman.
  • Ninja monkey greegrees are made with Ninja monkey bones and a monkey talisman. Used to run the Ape Atoll Agility Course and obtain the tchiki monkey nuts.
  • Gorilla monkey greegrees are made with gorilla bones and monkey talisman. Used to obtain the red banana.
  • Zombie monkey greegrees are made with monkey zombie bones and monkey talisman. Used to cook stuffed snake in the quest Recipe for Disaster, and to walk on lava. Also required to create an Uncut Zenyte.
  • Ancient gorilla greegrees are made with the monkey skull and monkey talisman. The skull is only obtainable after the completion of Hard Western Provinces Diary.
  • Skeleton Ape bones cannot be made into a greegree.
  • Greegrees are considered hard to get, as the player needs to get to the end of a long, dangerous tunnel, with lots of level 100+s. There are also poisonous spike traps. This tunnel does contain monkeys that drop the bones needed for some of the greegrees.