Zuriel's staff (Last Man Standing)

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Zuriel's staff (Last Man Standing) detail.png

Zuriel's staff from Last Man Standing is a minigame-exclusive variant of the normal Zuriel's staff. It can be obtained from opening the chests with a bloodier key, or looting the crates that spawn at random locations on the map. It is dropped on death to whoever killed you.

Passive effect[edit | edit source]

The Zuriel's staff has a passive effect which boosts Ancient Magicks combat spells when equipped:

Combat styles[edit | edit source]

Combat OptionsCombat StyleAttack typesStyleExperience
CombatStyles Staff.pngBashCrushAccurateAttack and Hitpoints
PoundCrushAggressiveStrength and Hitpoints
FocusCrushDefensiveDefence and Hitpoints
SpellMagicDefensive AutocastMagic, Defence, and Hitpoints
SpellMagicAutocastMagic and Hitpoints