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Queen Zyanyi Arkan is the current ruler of the kingdom of Varlamore. Her residence is within the royal palace in Civitas illa Fortis, the kingdom's capital, where the Kualti, her elite guard, work to keep her safe.

She briefly visits Great Kourend during the coronation of King Kandur Hosidius, seeking to re-build relations between Varlamore and Great Kourend, which had been shaky after Imafore's betrayal and the subsequent war that occurred as a result. Following Kandur's assassination, it is unknown how she intends to re-build peace with his son, Artur Hosidius.

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  • The name Zyanyi is similar to the word "Zyanya" in the Zapotec languages, meaning "eternal" or "forever".
  • The snake seen on her is a reference to surviving Mayan art and texts, where the Mayan elite would dance with boa snakes or large snake staves.