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Snaarldor was a high-ranking ourg general during the God Wars who led a small army of Bandosian troops over the River Salve into Viggora's Folly. His exploits are detailed in the lore book, The living statues.

In an attempt to gain more recruits, Snaarldor attempted to bring two statues, Dawn and Dusk, to life. Once he had thought he gained their allegiance, he gave a speech detailing their instructions. These instructions included directives to fight against the forces of Zamorak. He had a Dorgeshuun assistant who he often berated, even though the assistant knew that Viggora's Folly was constructed with Zamorakian magic. The two gargoyles began attacking Snaarldor; Snaarldor soon engaged in a mid-air brawl with one of the statues, chopping one of its wings clean off as he fell into the swamp below, though he survived the fall. Upon recovering, he immediately ordered his remaining forces to retreat; though his fate is unknown, it is likely he perished in another battle during the God Wars.