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Would be useful to specify exactly what items new players receive after leaving tutorial island, such as the amount of GP. 22:59, October 4, 2014 (UTC) MushyBean

Burning the first shrimp[edit source]

Chopping wood and lighting a fire now comes before fishing and cooking a shrimp, and the first shrimp is no longer guaranteed to burn. Instead, the first is always successful. After that it can burn if you do more - 50% success at level 1.

In one out of six attempts, I burnt my first shrimp. I told Gielinor guide to be an experienced player, and skipped the woodcutting / firemaking part of the tutorial. (I still have a log in my inventory, didn't need to.) Either way, catching a shrimp always comes first before woodcutting and firemaking. [1] I doubt the information from that update is accurate anymore today. 11:57, 22 December 2020 (UTC)