Dialogue for Monkey boy

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Monkey boy: Hello?
  • Player: Hi there, is something wrong?
  • Monkey boy: Oh wow you can understand me!
  • Player: I happen to be proficient in many languages... anyway, what are you doing here in Varrock?
  • Monkey boy: Well my uncle Daga's shop has been a bit slow recently, and we just got some new stock in so I decided to help and advertise a bit.
  • Player: What new stock's that then?
  • Monkey boy: Oh just more scimitars, we got a few of there weird red ones too... dra-something...
  • Player: Dragon?!
  • Monkey boy: Yeah that's the one, are they valuable?
  • Player: Um... no... not really... I'll be right back...
  • (End of dialogue)