Dialogue for Tzrek-jad

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

A random dialogue will be selected every time TzRek-Jad is spoken to:

  • Dialogue 1
    • Player: Do you miss your people?
    • TzRek-Jad: Mej-TzTok-Jad Kot-Kl! (TzTok-Jad will protect us!)
    • Player: No.. I don't think so.
    • TzRek-Jad: Jal-Zek Kl? (Foreigner hurt us?)
    • Player: No, no, I wouldn't hurt you.
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Dialogue 2
    • Player: Are you hungry?
    • TzRek-Jad: Kl-Kra!
    • Player: Ooookay...
    • (End of dialogue)

Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

This dialogue is only triggered when TzRek-Jad is roaming in the player-owned house and interacts with a scratching post built in the Menagerie.

  • TzRek-Jad: Kal-Kl!
  • TzRek-Jad: Kl-Zek!
  • TzRek-Jad: KlEk-Tal!

This dialogue is only triggered when TzRek-Jad is battling another pet in the arena in the Menagerie.

  • TzRek-Jad: KlMej-Hej!
  • TzRek-Jad: KlJad-Rek