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missing info[edit source]

How much dmg does this do and can you go below 1 HP ?  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by 2a02:810d:8ac0:23f4:ec5a:42e4:4c3:dcdd (talk) on 12:30, 18 November 2018 (UTC).

Theory crafting[edit source]

RuneLite's Hot/Cold solver says the distances for each temperature are:

Temperature Range (squares)
Ice Cold 500-5000
Very Cold 200-499
Cold 150-199
Warm 100-149
Hot 70-99
Very Hot 30-69
Incredibly Hot 4/5-29
Visibly Shaking 0-3/4

Combined with the coordinates of each of the dig sites, this could be used to come up with a set of strategies to narrow down what the final location is. Probably some variant of "If you go to this popular teleport location and scan, the temperature means it could be one of these." Theoretically, with the world map being about 2,720 x 1,600 squares (based on 1 degree == 32 squares from Coordinate's statement of 1 square == 1.875 minutes), the theoretical worst case scenario is 20 locations, assuming perfectly fit squares and each location belonging to only 1 location.

I've come up with a set of about 13 locations that require no movement from the destination of the teleport/travel and covers all but around 5 locations currently. There's some significant overlap between some of them (especially in Kandarin / Feldip Hills / Tirannwn), but they dramatically simplify the number of locations to search initially.

The locations I came up with are:

  • Kourend Teleport (Magic 69)
  • CIR (South of Mount Karuulm), covers the 3 that Kourend Teleport misses on the far west
  • Pirates' Cove, covers all of Lunar and Fremennik Isles), Piscatoris, and south of the Falconer
  • Enchanted lyre, covers Miscellania, Troll Stronghold, Burthope, Catherby, and the northern Tree Gnome Stronghold location
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold Spirit Tree, covers Piscatoris, east of Iowerth Camp, Ourania Altar, Necromancer's tower (south of Ardougne), and western Fremennik locations
  • Teleport crystal to Lleyta, covers all Tirannwn, plus West Ardougne, gates of Tree Gnome Stronghold, and south of Jiggig
  • AKS (Feldip Hills), covers the entire peninsula from Tree Gnome Village to Corsair Cove, plus western Brimhaven and western Kharazi Jungle
  • CKR (Karamja), covers all of Karamja island, plus south of Fight Arena and eastern 2 locations on Feldip hills (south of Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest)
  • Falador Teleport (Magic 37), covers Brimhaven north and Musa Point, Draynor Village and north of H.A.M., Dad's arena from Troll Stronghold, and eastern Seer's Village
  • Pollnivneach north carpet (from Shantay Pass), covers all of the Desert, plus Lumbridge Swamp
  • Digsite teleport (Digsite necklace), covers Wilderness level 20 (by the obelisk), Cooking Guild, South of Lumbridge windmill, Burgh de Rott, and west of Castle Fenkenstrain
  • Ectophial, covers Morytania north of Mort'ton and Slepe, plus Dragontooth Isle
  • Wilderness Obelisk - Level 35, covers all Wilderness except for the eastern-most location

For the locations that were missed, possible covers for them are:

  • Mos Le'Harmless (2 locations) - Harmony Island teleport (Arceeus, Magic 65); Charter Ship; Ship from Port Phasmatys
  • Crash Island - CLR (Ape Atoll agility course); Ape Atoll teleport (Magic 64); Gnome gliders from Tree Gnome Village
  • Eastern Wilderness - Wilderness Obelisk (Level 19 or 50); Slayer Ring teleport; Grand Exchange Spirit Tree
  • Witchaven - Ardougne (Magic 51); Seer's Village (Magic 45); Monastery (Ardougne cape)

Many of these missed ones could also be covered with a short run from the teleport location, sometimes with a second scan.

For each of these locations, the trick is recognizing that these only guarantee to get you something other than Ice Cold. You can use the actual temperature to get a better idea of where it might be, potentially with 2 or 3 other well chosen teleports. For example, Falador Teleport could give you Very Cold for either McGruber's Woods, northern Brimhaven, or Cooking Guild, but it would also give you Hot or Warm for the Draynor farming patch and Taverly. Each location has the ability to eliminate 10-25 locations from consideration though. The temperature change between locations can also help narrow it down, such as going from Falador to Digsite and getting colder indicating that it's likely somewhere west instead.

MirrorImage (talk) 23:30, 26 May 2020 (UTC)