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Template documentation
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Lists notable changes made to the subject of the article during the game's history.

{{Subject changes|date=|update=|poll=|type=|change=}}


  • |date = Date when the change to the game occurred.
  • |daterange = A range of possible dates the update occurred if the exact date is unknown.
  • |update = The update in which the change happened, without Update: prefix. Optional but preferred.
  • |poll = The poll in which the change was voted for successfully, if any, without Poll: prefix. Optional but preferred.
  • |change = The change that happened. Reasoning optional.
  • |type = This parameter allows for either Mobile or Hotfix to be added to indicate update type, hotfixes are usually accompanied with a reference to validate them.

Example use

{{Subject changes header}}
{{Subject changes|date=10 January 2019|type=hotfix|change=The toxic blowpipe has had its attack speed changed, now being 3 on rapid.}}
{{Subject changes|date=22 November 2018|update=Bird Nest Balancing and PvP Changes|type=mobile|change=The Store orb on mobile has been shifted slightly to reduce its overlapping.}}
{{Subject changes|date=29 March 2018|update=Easter 2018 Holiday Event|change=Buy limit changed from 70 to 8, to combat price manipulation.}}
{{Subject changes|date=25 January 2018|update=Barbarian Assault Ranged Rework|poll=Vorkath's rewards and the Dragon Hunter Crossbow|change=Damage and accuracy bonuses changed from 10% to 30%.}}
{{Subject changes footer}}