Dialogue for Jyn

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Jyn: C'mon, almost got it...
  • Player: Having problems?
  • Jyn: Agh! You scared me! Now I've lost my lockpick.
    • If the player has a lockpick:
      • Player: Oh, sorry about that. Do you want one of mine?
    • If the player does not have a lockpick:
      • Player: Oh, sorry about that. I'm afraid I don't have one for you.
  • Jyn: Don't worry about it, I brought an extra just in case. Lockpicks really do help with disarming these traps.
  • Player: Oh, that's good to know, thanks for the tip! Out of curiosity, what outfit is that?
  • Jyn: It's called the Rogue's outfit. I got it from the Rogue's Den in Burthorpe. I've found it helps me blend in when pickpocketing people, allowing me to steal more coins from them.
  • Player: It looks cool. Does it also help here?
  • Jyn: Ha ha ha, of course not! I don't think the coffin cares whether or not I blend in.
  • Player: Good point. Why are you wearing it though if it doesn't help you get more loot?
  • Jyn: Honestly, I just really like how it looks. You've got to look your best while travelling right?
  • Player: Each to their own I suppose. I'll be off. Best of luck down here.
  • Jyn: And the same to you.

(End of dialogue)

Overhead dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before interacting with her:[edit | edit source]

  • Jyn: C'mon, almost got it...
  • Jyn: Agh, thought I had it that time!