Patch Notes (6 February 2014)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from the Patch Notes Archive which is no longer available. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 6 February 2014.
  • The orbs by the minimap can now be clicked to:
    • Toggle run mode on or off.
    • Choose a selection of 'quick-prayers' and toggle them on and off.
    • Cure yourself of poison or disease, provided you are carrying supplies that can do this. The button can cause you to drink a variety of potions, or cast the Cure Me spell, or activate the prayer book from the Great Brain Robbery quest.
  • The Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, the Chaos Elemental and the Dagannoth Kings now notify all nearby players of the loot they're dropping.
  • The following bugs have been fixed:
    • The Trident of the Seas has had its model adjusted slightly to prevent it sticking to Verac's skirt or the pantaloons.
    • A stray anvil map icon has been removed from the palace wall near Varrock's western bank.
    • The minigames panel can now recognise if you are in one of the chat-channels that were added last week, and its Teleport button now works more reliably after logging out.
    • The middle mouse button can once again be used to click in RuneScape. The game had stopped responding to it in December.
    • After Koschei the Deathless drained your prayer in Fremennik Trials, players could simply restore it and re-activate their prayers. Koschei now keeps it drained.
    • The statue in The Giant Dwarf no longer has huge vertical gaps between its component parts.
    • A warning screen is now removed correctly when you complete the Freaky Forester event.