Update:Patch Notes (6 January 2014)

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These official Patch Notes are copied verbatim from the Patch Notes Archive which is no longer available. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These Patch Notes were announced on 6 January 2014.
  • The following Slayer updates have been released:
    • The Slayer helm can be constructed, combining the properties of earmuffs, a nosepeg, a facemask, a spiny helmet, a black mask and a Slayer gem. Slayer helms can be imbued at Nightmare Zone; alternatively, if an imbued black mask is used to construct the helm, the helm will automatically be imbued.
    • Players can cancel or block unwanted assignments by spending reward points.
    • Slayer Masters now sell broad crossbow bolts in exchange for reward points.
    • Fletchers can make broad-headed bolts and arrows, using ingredients purchased from the Slayer Masters' shops. This ability must be unlocked by spending reward points.
    • Crafters can convert their Slayer gems into Slayer rings, giving them 8 teleport charges to visit useful Slayer sites. This ability must be unlocked by spending reward points.
    • Nieve, the new Slayer Master, now appears on the Contact NPC spell on the Lunar spellbook.
  • Apart from the Slayer updates, the following updates have also been released:
    • Vials, feathers and bait are now available in packs of 100 from the shops that sell those items.
    • The cursed bow no longer works in the Wilderness or on PvP worlds.
    • The tooltip on the combat interface for spiked weapons, such as the Anchor, will now correctly state that the Aggressive stance gives Strength XP. A typo had led to it claiming that the weapon gave Controlled XP.
    • The bank in Lletya has had a navigation error fixed.
    • The Evil Twin random event now pauses your prayer points from draining while you're in the event.
    • When you fail to identify a herb because your Herblore level is too low, the message no longer refers to cleaning.
    • The Christmas theme has been removed from the login screen, but the holiday event remains open.