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Sayonara, Rolling Star[edit | edit source]

Thank you.

It’s been an incredible 7 or so years since I joined the RuneScape Wiki community. The very first edit I remember making was uploading a poorly cropped image of a runestone from a quest interface, and creating a page for an NPC that didn’t exist and getting corrected by AnselaJonla for it because I misunderstood some quest dialogue. Several years later and I am an admin & bureaucrat on the sister wiki with 10,000+ edits under my belt on that site alone. During this time I have made so many memories - some great, others not, but one thing's for sure. These are years that I will never forget, and years I will never regret.

I want to thank the community for allowing me to help run this site. My time here has taught me a multitude of lessons and skills, including virtually learning CSS from scratch because nobody volunteered to make the website theme pre-fork. Joining this site was the first time I felt apart of something larger, and that was an important experience for me. Even if I was never able to attend events like wikifest, I still was invited, opportunities which previously have always eluded me.

I have made life long friends here that have and will stand the test of time. People I consider my best friends I only know because we met each other through an encyclopaedia for 15+ year old game, how crazy is that? And as recently as November 2019, someone I met here drove 300 miles just to see me for a weekend. And this April 2020, another person I met here will be flying from several states away to visit a convention with me - It may seem simple to some of you more socially apt people, but it blows my mind how real friendships can be developed simply by sharing a niche hobby.

However, at this point in my life, I consider this the end. My interest in RuneScape has waned and faded, and I no longer feel obligated to help run the previously short-staffed wiki the same way I did during the dark days at Fandom, when it was mostly just Spine and I. It’s a bittersweet, melancholy kind of feeling - typing “The End” always seems so definite. It brings to mind a vision of a book once opened being sealed for the rest of time. However, I like to think one day I may return, but right now my life is not in a place where I see that as an option, and I think it’s unfair to the RuneScape & editing community if I remain an admin without doing anything to keep that status.

I’ve done so many things I’m proud of here, and made so many friends during a time in my life where I thought that impossible. I know that without me, this place will continue to only get bigger, and thrive. Thanks to everyone who made my time here fucking awesome.

Don’t worry though! I’m not gonna poof out of thin air. If you want to hit me up, I’ll be on Discord Scuzzy Beta#0032, and on Twitter @Scuzzy_Beta. I’ve also been playing a lot of new fun games lately, you can add me on Switch SW-1642-1256-1622!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

-dDbvitC.png Scuzzy Beta hib8CAd.png 06:54, 11 January 2020 (UTC)