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Tried to edit this page and it was like next to impossible lol... I killed Pee Hat and Kraka each about 26 times and got some data to add, but I give up. If someone else sees this they can add it. While I have some drops that only Kraka or only Pee Hat dropped, I would assume they both actually have the same drop table but either way I've divided them into sections anyway.


  • Grimy avantoe [1] (uncommon)
  • Grimy harralander [1] (uncommon)
  • Law rune [4] (uncommon)

Pee Hat

  • Grimy Marrentill [1] (uncommon)
  • Steel warhammer [1] (uncommon)

Both (Pee Hat and Kraka)

  • Coins [40; 135; 175; 190; 420] (common)
  • Nature rune [16] (common)
  • Coal {noted} [6] (uncommon)

.:!Ohifriend!:. 00:24, April 6, 2015 (UTC)