Transcript of Book of spyology

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Book of Spyology written by T. Gure

I: The Art of Secrecy A spy's secrecy is their most deadly weapon.

What good is your information if it is accessible to everyone?

The latest methods of note encryption utilise the skills of magic and spycraft.

By casting a special enchantment on your documents, they will become protected from prying eyes.

To reveal the text on the document, a special un-enchantment ritual must be performed.

You will need: -Pestle and mortar -brush -lemon -grapes

Firstly, grind your lemon with the pestle and mortar and apply the juice to the enchanted parchment.

Next, apply some light heat to the parchment. This is best carried out with a candle.

Finally, the juice of ripe grapes must be applied to a brush and then lightly brushed over the parchment.

Once these steps have been performed, your notes will once again be visible.