Transcript of Transportation incantations

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In the most common forms of magic, a sufficiently skilled caster need only provide runes to power the spell.

Certain spells may require the presence of a particular artefact, but nevertheless the process is fully understood - even the most junior magicians can identify the origin and flow patterns of the power.

However, the ancient mage told us of spells in his native land that require the caster to utter 'magic words'.

Of particular interest is the incantation used in those lands to transport crafters to their hidden rune essence mine.

If we could identify that incantation, we might thus gain access to their mine, allowing us to study the differences between their essence and ours. Regrettably, the ancient mage was unable - or unwilling - to divulge the exact words.

However, he did provide us with an incantation that allows the caster to travel to Great Kourend itself. The incantation is:

Thadior Agrula Elevo

Unfortunately our supplies of law runes are extremely limited at this time, making the spell of little use. Indeed, the study of teleportation magicks has always been very limited throughout Kourend's history for this reason, aside from whatever sorcery was practiced by Xeric.

Our blood and soul altars are focal points where the energy comes into this dimension from the true Blood and Soul Altars, wherever they may be. As I have written elsewhere, I believe the Dark Altar has made that energy available to us because those runes are particularly useful in the renanimation of the dead.

It is, perhaps, unsettling to consider that the Dark Altar has not chosen to grant us access to runes that would be useful in teleportation. Whatever agenda the Dark Altar may have, it may be best served by the people of Kourend continuing to live here.