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I use the wiki on a very frequent basis, so I thought I may as well help out here and there.

RSN: Master Byro

Swimming Calculator

param = name|Name||hs|agilityXP,17,2;thievingXP,18,2;agilityLvl,17,1;thievingLvl,18,1
param = agilityType|Agility input type: |Level|buttonselect|Level,XP|Level=agilityLvl;XP=agilityXP
param = agilityLvl|Agility Level:|1|int|1-127
param = agilityXP|Agility XP:|0|int|0-200000000
param = thievingType|Thieving input type: |Level|buttonselect|Level,XP|Level=thievingLvl;XP=thievingXP
param = thievingLvl|Thieving Level:|1|int|1-127
param = thievingXP|Thieving XP:|0|int|0-200000000
param = Tears|Tears per hours:|230|int|1-300
param = goalToggle|End Goal in which skill?|Level|select|Thieving,Agility
param = goal|Target level:|99|int|1-127
param = leagueGroup|League multiplier?||toggleswitch|false|leagueMultiplier
param = leagueMultiplier|League multiplier value?|5|int|5-20
autosubmit = disabled
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