Dialogue for Banker (Varrock)

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Standard Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Banker: Good day, how may I help you?
  1. Player: I'd like to access my bank account, please.
    • Banker: Bank Menu Opens.
  2. Player: I'd like to check my PIN settings.
    • Banker: Bank Menu Opens.
  3. Player: I'd like to collect items.
    • Banker: Bank Menu Opens.
  4. Player: What is this place?
    • Banker: This is a branch of the Bank of Gielinor. We have branches in many towns.
    • Player: And what do you do?
    • Banker: We will look after your items and money for you. Leave your valuables with us if you want to keep them safe.

Knocking on the locked door[edit | edit source]

  • Player: I don't think I'm ever going to be allowed in there.
  • Knock knock...
  • Banker: Who's there?
    • I'm [Player name]. Please let me in.
      • Player: I'm [Player name]. Please let me in.
      • Banker: No. Staff only beyond this point. You can't come in here.
      • (End of dialogue)
    • Boo.
      • Player: Boo.
      • Banker: Boo who?
      • Player: There's no need to cry!
      • Banker: What? I'm not... oh, just go away!
      • (End of dialogue)
    • Kanga.
      • Player: Kanga.
      • Banker: Kanga who?
      • Player: No, 'kangaroo'.
      • Banker: Stop messing about and go away!
      • (End of dialogue)
    • Thank.
      • Player: Thank.
      • Banker: Thank who?
      • Player: You're welcome!
      • Banker: Stop it!
      • (End of dialogue)
    • Doctor.
      • Player: Doctor.
      • Banker: Doctor wh.. hang on, I'm not falling for that one again! Go away.
      • (End of dialogue)