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Released14 March 2019 (Update)
LocationBandit Camp Quarry
OptionsTalk-to, Claim Sand, Check, Deposit buckets
ExamineTakes care of the sandstone grinder, that thing must kick up a sandstorm when used.
Advanced data
NPC ID6771
Drew chathead.png

Drew is a non-player character found just west of the quarry. He operates the Sandstorm grinder, which grinds sandstone into buckets of sand, which can be collected from Drew for 50 coins each, along with a bucket. He can store up to 25,000 buckets (banknotes accepted) for the player.

When asked about himself, he tells the player he was enslaved in Desert Mining Camp, where he was tasked to look after Sandstorm. While the guards weren't looking, he took apart the machine and stashed the pieces in boxes and barrels, and tricked the mine cart driver by telling him jokes. This references the method players use to smuggle Ana out of the camp during The Tourist Trap.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Drew and his grinder, Sandstorm, are a reference to Sandstorm, a trance instrumental composed by Finnish DJ Darude.
  • If player stores close to the maximum amount of buckets, he will have a chat message: "I am holding onto (amount) of buckets for ya. Why would ya want so many buckets?"