Exploding Attacks

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Exploding Attacks
Exploding Attacks.png
Released 28 October 2020 (Update)
Members Yes
League Trailblazer League
Tier 6
Exploding Attacks detail.png

Exploding Attacks is a Tier 6 Relic in the Trailblazer League. Selecting Exploding Attacks gives the player the following benefits:

  • All attacks have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased damage. This stacks with Quick Shot, Fluid Strikes, and Double Cast.
  • Any successful hit to the primary target will hit up to five additional targets hit as well, dealing the same damage to them as the primary target.
  • This Relic does not work for multi-target attacks (such as the Scythe of Vitur and burst spells) or special attacks, and will only work in multicombat areas.