Draining Strikes

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Draining Strikes
Draining Strikes.png
Released 28 October 2020 (Update)
Members Yes
League Trailblazer League
Tier 6
Draining Strikes detail.png

Draining Strikes is a Tier 6 Relic in the Trailblazer League. Selecting Draining Strikes gives the player the following benefits:

  • All attacks have 10% increased accuracy and 10% increased damage. This stacks with Quick Shot, Fluid Strikes, and Double Cast.
  • Any successful hit will have a 50% chance of restoring the player's Hitpoints and Prayer points by 10% of the damage dealt. (Rounded Up)
  • This Relic does not work for multi-target attacks (such as chinchompas and burst spells) or special attacks. However, it will work with the Scythe of Vitur's initial hit, as well as the secondary hits if those hits damage the same target as the initial hit.