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Fayrg bones from the tombs at Jiggig.

Fayrgs are an extinct race of creatures in the service of Bandos that were likely wiped out during the cataclysmic God Wars. Their remains, Fayrg bones, can be found in the coffins at Jiggig.

The appearance and nature of Fayrgs is largely unknown, they are however suspected to be similar to ogres, orks, raurgs and ourgs.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although it has not been officially defined what Fayrgs are, Mod John A speculated that they may have been a subtype of ogres or ourgs. [1]
    • Mod Chaose described them in a lore marathon session thus: During the God Wars, Fayrgs were akin to lieutenants to the ourgs. They relayed the ourgs' orders to the rest of the army and micromanaged the troops based on their directives. They had a great deal of independency to resolve any emergencies that could occur over the course of the fighting. To help them in their role, they had huge mouths, which could carry their voices across the battlefield. They were halfway between orks and ourgs in height.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. RuneScape Lore Marathon, written by Mod Chaose, "Runefest 2017", Old School RuneScape. "these guys are kind of like lieutenants . . . beneath the ourgs. They're kind of micromanaging the battle, the ourgs make the big decisions, the big plans. But these guys kind of are: "Alright, this section of the battle, we need to do this, something of this", so on and so on. If there's a crisis . . . They're there to sort it out. And they don't have to bother the ourgs, necessarily. . . . They've got this huge gaping maw as well so they <blank> shout orders across the entire battlefield, it might be like a mile long battlefield and the guy in the end, he can still hear his orders, . . . These guys are fairly big as well, so if you imagine an ork and an ourg... Somewhere in between that"