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The Broken axe is a discontinued item result of attempting to cut an Ent. Due to a random event update on 11 September 2014, axes can no longer be broken.

The same name is given to all axes when broken; only the appearance and examine text are different. If broken while wielding in the weapon slot, it can still be held. If the player un-equips the broken axe, it can not be re-equipped until it has been repaired in Lumbridge at Bob's Brilliant Axes. Players also can not cut trees with a broken axe; they must have a repaired axe to cut a tree.

All kinds of axes could be broken, from bronze to dragon. The better the axe, the higher the cost to repair it.

Repair fees from Bob's Brilliant Axes were:

Metal type Repair Price
Bronze Free
Iron Free
Steel Free
Black 10 coins
Mithril 18 coins
Adamant 107 coins
Rune 427 coins
Dragon 1800 coins

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