Fremennik series

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Fremennik series[edit | edit source]

Developers: James B, Chris S, Jonathan S, Isobel H, Chihiro Y, Ben W, Douglas H, Tim C, Mod Wolf, Mod Ed

No Quest Difficulty Developer(s) Release date Time since previous
I The Fremennik Trials Intermediate.png Intermediate James B 2 November 2004 N/A
II Horror from the Deep Experienced.png Experienced James B 17 November 2004 15 days
III Throne of Miscellania Experienced.png Experienced Chris S, Jonathan S 29 November 2004 12 days
IV Royal Trouble Experienced.png Experienced Isobel H 22 May 2006 539 days
V Lunar Diplomacy Experienced.png Experienced James B, Tim C 24 July 2006 63 days
VI The Fremennik Isles Experienced.png Experienced Chihiro Y, Ben W, Douglas H 6 February 2007 197 days
VII Dream Mentor Master.png Master Tim C 15 May 2007 98 days
VIII The Fremennik Exiles Master.png Master Mod Wolf, Mod Ed 26 September 2019 4517 days

Main antagonist of the series - Dagannoth, Ice Trolls

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Difficulty Developer(s) Release date
Mountain Daughter Intermediate.png Intermediate Vincent Van M 7 March 2005
Olaf's Quest Intermediate.png Intermediate Anthony W 10 April 2007