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Svidi chathead.png

Svidi is a member of the Mountain Tribe and acts as a representative of the Mountain Camp towards the Rellekkan people. He was sent by Hamal the Chieftain in a bid to restore good relations between the two Fremennik groups and establish a trade route, but chose to hide out in the land between the two settlements instead.[1] Hamal, believing Svidi to be imprisoned due to non-communication for a few days, asked a passing adventurer to check on his envoy.[2] When asked about his lack of action, he confessed to believing stereotypes of violence about the Rellekans and outsiders, and that he feared for his life.[3] He refused to enter until his safety was assured, declining the offer of a bodyguard and instead demanding a guarantee from Brundt the Chieftain.[4][5] Svidi met with Brundt once he had his guarantee, resulting in fruitful talks.[6]

He has a large wander radius.

References[edit | edit source]

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